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  • me me Aug 24, 2011 12:14 Flag

    Modric out, Adebayour & Samba in

    Disagree.. Modric wont do the big sulk, because he knows he will be committing professional suicide If he does. He will be relegated to the reserves without question. Levy will not be held to ransom and will most certainly not give any ground to our rivals. He knows what he is doing, This one statement alone signifies a change in this club we have been needing for so long now. Up until now we have been a selling club, this has to stop if we want to change the psyche of both players and supporters. As fans we need to stop degrading ourselves and our players need to know they are contracted to a successful ambitious club.This means so much more to our us than the money we would generate from modric alone, investing in the future and gaining some credibility alone the way will do us the world of good. Respect to you Levy. COYS