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  • ANNE ANNE Aug 22, 2011 14:15 Flag

    Modric out, Adebayour & Samba in

    AFC fan in peace - why have Modric sulking about the place as we did with Fabregas last season?

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    • In think its Harry that wants to sort his head out, its so stupid for Harry to turn around and say Lukas head is not right who is he fooling he did not play him in Europe because he did not want him cup tied for when he moves to Chelsea and now he does not want to play him against arguabaly against one of our biggest rivals in a very big game for us, get real Harry we want the points play him your paying his wages for sitting on his arse, Redknapp is begining to get under my skin everytime he is interviewed he evades giving answers stating thats a question for Levy, in my opinion if Levy states Modric is not leaving then that should be the end of it.
      Harry should say get out there your under contract.
      If this is what has been stated that should be it if they are going to get rid they should have already done so as to sign new players, yet again Levy and Redknapp have waited till nearly deadline day to sign or get rid of players ludicrous as teams need to know who they are playing with sign them early so pre season can be used for these players to gel.
      There is just over a week for us to sign someone ok the names of Diara and Adeybyou have been mentioned why are they dily dalying the season has started why are they not in place and how long will it take them to get used to there team mates.
      Harry for all your talk and you are everywhere sky tv and all your articles in the paper along with your overated sons ten penneth your becoming some what the Portsmouth faithfull called you a money grabber get on with your job show them you are the boss get your finger out and play Modric if he gets injured so be it, Chelsea wont want him then, hes being paid by the club so use him, if then he still does not want to play stick him with the stiffs, or if you are going to sell him then sell him and get this farce of a transfer done for 35 Million no less.

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      • how thick are you lot? ''arry couldn't give a t0ss about whether you think he should keep modric or how much he's worth.... 'arry wants the transfer as much as roman does, if not more, and will gladly sell even under market price as long as his back hander is sizeable.... 'arry cares about the bung he can get by declaring a lower price to evade the taxmen as he's always done... rotten scoundrel.. just ask them down south....... ythey won the fa cup too one season and then sweet fa since...