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  • Gilley Gilley Aug 23, 2011 03:44 Flag

    Spurs And Man U

    Through seventy minutes Spurs were equal to Man U.Corluka was brought on and it was downhill for Tottenham,the rythem was disrupted.They desperatly need new strikers or it will be 5th or 6th in the league again,get rid of Defoe Crouch and Jenas.

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    • Yeah, Jenas had another shocker didn't he? It was like he wasn't even playing.

      vdV is beginning to pee me off, moaning at everyone else and wasting possession through poor corners and free-kicks and speculative shots. If you're going to do everything, make sure you do at least something well! At least Jenas is a team player.

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      • agreed, VDV has seriously unbalanced the team since he arrived. Looked light up front, mid of the park we were overrun. Definately missing the likes of Sandro, Krancjar did not look fit enough be playing high tempo in the middle, but definately worth keeping around even as cover for VDV where he may play better in that hole.

        For 70min we did match them just did not look like ever going to score. Its a tough set of games the start this season, hopefully we can pick up points and we do have a game in hand at the moment.

    • It's unfair to lay the blame on Corluka - he came on because Walker was ill but IMO should have been in the starting line-up.

      Where we really lost it was in the midfield. I know Livermore and Kranjcar shone v Hearts but this was Manure at OT and without Modric pulling the strings we lacked creativity. The Hudd, should have been brought into the game sooner, if not from the start.

      At least we've got the game out of the way now. Hearts on Thursday and Citeh on Sunday. COYS - onwards and upwards (literally!).