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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 25, 2011 10:59 Flag

    OH NO... not Joe Cole as well!!!!!!

    Seems like Harry's thinking about Joe Cole coming to the Lane again!!
    Why would we want another bench warmer on huge wages, we have enough already.
    Please Harry don't do this to us.....
    He'll be back in for Parker too soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Pretty much sums up our summer....

      HR is a fantastic manager - but not the sharpest in the transfer market - I mean we can't be on that much of a budget..

      These type of signings may be for a West Ham or Pompey - but not a team that's challenging for CL.

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      • don't get to wound up being 10th in the prem or 4th is no different, the cl justs earns more money for the spurs owners, we won't win it, not with a ground that only holds 35,000 and with no investment from the owners, until we redevelope our home the lane, get 55,000 in we are a selling, small club, just right for arry and levy, so just enjoy the goings on, knowing we will have the odd cup run or good result against the big clubs but nothing more.

      • Don't worry. I have complete faith this won't happen: because 1) By the looks of it, Levy runs the club and takes care of signings, not Harry. 2) This has been going on for ages , as with Parker but they won't come to a club which already has better players in positions filled. Just injured.

        David Ruiz won't be playing in Champions League with FC Twente, I remember hearing somewhere that he said "Spurs can come get me if there isn't Champions League football at Fc Twente". Hopefully we do go after him, because this Adebayor crud is going nowhere.

        COYS. PS. We should have flogged Pav to Birmingham when they were offering 10m when we had the chance.

    • he'goes on about getting 1st class quality players to enhance the team.....but we appear to be going for bargain basement second tier players....and sept 1st is looming.....

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      • Spurs cannot and do not want to bring in top quality signning, and the simple reason is that they do not want to pay the silly wages that the likes of Man Utd and Man City are paying.

        The club is run as a business first and a winning football club last. Until the club get a rich billionaire owner who can spend like its change in there pocket, the club will never be able to sign players that are at there peak or approaching it. They can then settle for the likes of Parker, Cole, Bellemy, VDV, who in the past were at there peak and are now in there declining years, but still a club or two away from retirement. The club has always done this Klinsman, Ginola, Ferdinand, etc, etc.