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  • oldspural oldspural Aug 29, 2011 12:08 Flag

    replace arry

    is it time for arry to move on, I keep reading things he has to say about every other club, mean while we go down the pan and all he can do is talk about or bring in people like parker , adebayour, bellamy, cole etc

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    • The decision may well be made for us if 'Arry's court case goes against him.

      Not unreasonably Danny boy is likely being cautious about buying all the players 'Arry wants either because of the court case or the England job if the court case is successful for 'Arry. It might also go some way towards explaining the lack of transfer activity thus far - though why we didn't spend well last season still beggars belief.

    • with respect weve gone nowhere with arry,the squad ramos struggled with was mainly a squad that came 5th with jol and he had campanolli or whatever his name was against him, arry stepped in (add up the money he's spent) and says he's doing us a favour if we stay up ! no arry is a nice guy with a clever mouth who has won I think the fa cup as a manager in a long managerial career, not good, and if he really thinks adebayour, parker, bellamy etc will improve us that says it all ! he changed the whole system to accomodate vdv, it patently didn't work, so he blamed the forwards for not scoring instead of admitting it was wrong, dropping vdv and going back to crouch and defoe up front (Loads of goals) a good manager would have been big enough to do just that

    • I disagree - I think we need stability with a manager and HR is a good motivator of players.

      I think if we can get through this we'll be stronger because of it - our problem has always been that we panic sack at this stage and then write off our season....plus who's out there who'd manage us? Juande Ramos?

      This messing about with One Day got us tanked in the first place. Trust HR - and I think we'll reap the rewards.

      In terms of buying players - and our transfer record - I believe we think buying players is like FIFA or football manager - there's more greed, dodgier agents and smarter players in real life.

      Of course we have needed a few CB's, a CM and a world class forward - and have done for a few years - but everyone else knows that now - and they mark the prices accordingly.

      I do wish we were challenging for trophies and CL - but if the Ruski and Arabs continue to blow money at the league it'll ruin the game. I do hope that FIFA get a grip on this before normal fans turn off and ignore a money ridden ruined game.

      Smells like it's already well in swing...

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      • we got to stick with harry till the end of the season & see where we end up (most likely 6th).

        i think both levy & harry have been awful since we got 4th,
        the CL run is the exception.

        they have both been so slow to realise we have stood still since we got 4th whilst other clubs strengthen.

        i honestly dont think our 2 big defeats our shocks at all.

        i honestly think if we nick a pt at wolves in a dire 0-0 match, it would be a very good pt considering the team & form we are in.

        its going to be a long old season with 6th the most likely finish.

        but we have to support the team & manager!

        & at the end of the day, 6th is probably a 2 under par considering the wealth & size of clubs in the prem!