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  • oldspural oldspural Aug 29, 2011 18:34 Flag

    replace arry

    this is spurs were in the capital of england, we used to compete to win things, now 5th will do, may as well pack it in !!
    build the new stadium at any cost, get 55000 in every week then we can compete again and compete to win things not for 5th place !

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    • HR said when he started at Tottenham that its his job to get players playing and if thats not happening then he and his coaching team are not doing there job.

      Now sacking HR 3 games into a season is not the answer. We have come a long way with him.

      I think Mr Levy has some explaining to do on who actually is making the decisions on bringing players in. If I am not mistaken it was Levy that brought in VDV, not a request by HR as it was all last minute.

      Football is a strange financial beast because if you cannot afford the best then you are going to be buying average players and on that odd occasion one of those turns out to be a gem, and inevitably they want to move on to those teams that can afford the best.