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  • oldspural oldspural Aug 29, 2011 19:24 Flag

    replace arry

    with respect weve gone nowhere with arry,the squad ramos struggled with was mainly a squad that came 5th with jol and he had campanolli or whatever his name was against him, arry stepped in (add up the money he's spent) and says he's doing us a favour if we stay up ! no arry is a nice guy with a clever mouth who has won I think the fa cup as a manager in a long managerial career, not good, and if he really thinks adebayour, parker, bellamy etc will improve us that says it all ! he changed the whole system to accomodate vdv, it patently didn't work, so he blamed the forwards for not scoring instead of admitting it was wrong, dropping vdv and going back to crouch and defoe up front (Loads of goals) a good manager would have been big enough to do just that