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    VDV out for a while, Good or bad???

    Personally I think the injury to VDV could be a godsend. Without him we can play 2 strikers as in the season we qualified for CL.
    Our strikers haven't been scoring regularly since we changed the system to accommodate VDV.
    It will also give Adebayor a chance to settle and see if he can forge a partnership with Defoe or another.

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    • I said it last season any good manager would have dropped vdv last season and gone back to 2 proper forwards scoring loads of goals, no one took any notice or replied, now your all saying it, the real point is arry the manager couldn't see it or if he did he ignored it, sorry thats enough for me arry must go, he's not a good manager ! with him its all think yourself lucky we win any game its tough out there, all the big clubs are spending money we can't compete, check the money he's spent since he arrived !

    • Agreed it may well be a good thing. Before VDV and before we got into the CL, we used to play a lot using the 4-4-2 with Crouch and Defoe upfront and scored a lot of goals.

      I think Ade and Defoe could be a good partnership.

      Why oh why have we not shifted some of these fringe players.
      Gos Santos, does not feature at all. Considering we over paid for most of these players, will no doubt have to take a loss on most of them, so ship them out at a reduced rate and be done with it.