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  • oldspural oldspural Aug 29, 2011 18:40 Flag

    VDV out for a while, Good or bad???

    I said it last season any good manager would have dropped vdv last season and gone back to 2 proper forwards scoring loads of goals, no one took any notice or replied, now your all saying it, the real point is arry the manager couldn't see it or if he did he ignored it, sorry thats enough for me arry must go, he's not a good manager ! with him its all think yourself lucky we win any game its tough out there, all the big clubs are spending money we can't compete, check the money he's spent since he arrived !

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    • What a difference a few months can make, it was only a short while back when VDV was walking on water at the Lane.

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      • He is a great player when he can be bother to turn up. For all those who actually watch spurs play can tell the difference when the balance in the team is not right, and VDV does not want to or cannot play in any other position other than in that hole in front of the midfield. Which limits the formation of the team to only 4 5 1.

        If they play 4 4 2 with him we end up light in midfield as he always wants to get forward and does not track back in time.

        So yes great when we came because he gave the team something it did not have but once all the other teams got to grips with it it became useless and we have not adapted to any other style of play.