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  • Joe Joe Sep 5, 2011 17:46 Flag

    We are foooked!!!

    Yeah, currently we cannot compete with the top 4, certainly not financially and if that means settling for Europa league, then maybe that is more realistic and achieveable, for the time being at least! until we have a stadium or our own sugar daddy(kinda glad we don't)

    Even in S.America (Luckily I've seen Botafago, Rio based team) a few times and the tracks definately affected my enjoyment of the games, Ok the crowd were going nutts, but the atmosphere was nothing like as intense. That intestity is one of the things I enjoy most about the lane. It swamps every sense I have, love it!

    Sorry, I know I'm going to get pelters here, but I don't think Dawson is world class, good yes! on his day, very good, but he still makes errors, which Ledley (who I think is world class, when fit) wouldn't. I think Dawson could be World Class but that would rely heavily on a more domaneering centreback being signed and forming a partnership with Daws, I am full of optomism for His future with us though.

    We aren't fooked, we are restricted.