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  • Nick Nick Sep 1, 2011 07:29 Flag

    We are foooked!!!

    No centerback.

    The one thing we really really needed and they don't buy one.

    Are the people at spurs thick or something?

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    • Looking at the money in, money out situation, it seems pretty clear that Levy doesn't reckon 'arry will be around long term, and is building a pot for the new guy.

      Lets hope Scottie Parker can run around in front of the central defenders a lot, clearing up, otherwise we are, as you say, "foooked".

      The Modric saga will be interesting to watch though.

    • i like to think we have enough gas in the tank to stay away from the bottom but i dont hold out much hope off finishing higher than 8th this term.

      Im sure we will start picking up points soon i think arry will deff leave at the end of season to take up the england job and i hope levy as been working hard on finding a replacement.

      But im just thinking that if we dont start picking up points soon arry will be leaving alot sooner than he thought.

      We are all dissapointed about our transfer activity but constantly moaning about it will not change anything lets make the most of what we do have and get behind the team C.O.Y.S

    • I'm putting 2 + 2 + 2 together but may be getting 7!!
      I think the wage bill has had to be chopped and the minimal amount of new faces in to save cash. The cahill deal didn't go through because - allegedly - we wouldn't stump up the extra 2 mill that Bolton wanted.
      Levy must be getting to the point where he realises the Olympic stadium is a no-go irrespective of what the judicial review comes up with. Spurs didn't meet the criteria and thats all there is to it.
      Modric is already out player and an integral part of the team, the fact that he's worth £40m+ is irrelevant. Its no good us having a sparkly new stadium if we're in the Championship, hence not selling our best players.
      This all just my opinion but Levy and, probably more importantly, those above him know full well we need a bigger stadium to be able to raise our pay structure. In turn we'll be able to attract better players. No point paying through the nose for ok players in the meantime.
      I believe we need a bigger stadium more desperately than getting into the CL next season. Maybe they're thinking the same and decided they might as well just get on with it.

    • How sad your hoping the mighty spurs are challenging for 4-6th

    • I sort of disagree with the WHL revamp - would prefer Levy swallow his pride and just agree to keep the bloody running track in the OS and move in the fall of '12.

      I'm not buying the whole argument of people will not show up because the view will be terrible with a running track. There are plenty of stadiums out there that operate as football stadiums that have running tracks. Look at 'Estádio Olímpico João Havelange' in Brazil - the view doesn't look all that bad.

      Sure the view from the top of the Olympic stadiums end caps might be bad but you can always heavily discount those seats or close the area of.

      Add in the superior transportation links and the attractiveness of the venue and you open up opportunities in the off-season for other events i.e. revenue generation.

      Seems like a no-brainer to me. Get a stadium as quick as we can to keep the momentum going.

    • Surely would have shipped modric out if that were the case, cos we wont get a better offer than 40m, thats 5%+ of a stadium right there!

    • I agree with the stadium plan...

      Yet the Arse have a fantastic stadium but seem to be going backwards...

      I do believe that since the PL, especially since Roman came and now Citeh's billions, it's just going to spiral...who's going to be the next big takeover?

      I am genuinely concerned about some of these teams if the big money pulls out...or how many clubs will go bust in the meantime trying to compete.

      I think in Levy we've got a guy who has stood by his word, has a business head, can bring in a player like VdV on good terms, and a manager in HR who can bring stability.

    • I share your point of view Graeme and believe this may be what Levy and the board are starting to prepare for, but you have to admit while doing this we'd all love to see Spurs continue with the good run we've been on over the last couple of years. If we can't, like i said, i'd accept premiership survival until it's done and dusted.
      Getting to the point, i don't envy the board , Levy or 'Arry because the club still needs to spend money on players, the prices being inflated by PSG, Man City, Chelsea etc, just to stand still. A fine balance, i for one wouldn't like the headache.
      I think they may have got the balance right this season, if that's what is happening, and the club should forget about the olympic stadium and announce the new site or the plans for WHL's revamp.
      I guess what i'm asking is: how do you save money for a new stadium while keeping the fans happy and continuing to 'grow' the team?

    • Sad maybe, but at least its realistic.

      With the strength of the competition I believe anything more would be a very good season.

      I'm still confident we will see some amazing football matches regardless of final positions.


    • Yeah, currently we cannot compete with the top 4, certainly not financially and if that means settling for Europa league, then maybe that is more realistic and achieveable, for the time being at least! until we have a stadium or our own sugar daddy(kinda glad we don't)

      Even in S.America (Luckily I've seen Botafago, Rio based team) a few times and the tracks definately affected my enjoyment of the games, Ok the crowd were going nutts, but the atmosphere was nothing like as intense. That intestity is one of the things I enjoy most about the lane. It swamps every sense I have, love it!

      Sorry, I know I'm going to get pelters here, but I don't think Dawson is world class, good yes! on his day, very good, but he still makes errors, which Ledley (who I think is world class, when fit) wouldn't. I think Dawson could be World Class but that would rely heavily on a more domaneering centreback being signed and forming a partnership with Daws, I am full of optomism for His future with us though.

      We aren't fooked, we are restricted.

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