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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 1, 2011 23:48 Flag

    STOP PRESS: Spurs pay less than Everton?!

    Interesting times ahead for the whole (top half of the) PL methinks; when was the last time you remember 1) the top 4 selling to each other, 2) there being a "big 6" of sorts, and 3) the "best of the rest" strengthening so much? Also worth noting, the top 4 or 5 on the spending list were the top 4 or 5 (excluding us) last season, closely followed by Stoke and Sunderland. Worth having a squizz if you get a chance.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, girls and boys, I hereby call a truce. I believe Redknapp and Levy know what the team needs and - for reasons best kept to themselves - haven't been able to fulfil it in entirety (I want no bickering about the 'in entirety' part of that statement). However, it is what is, and the transfer window is over for another 3 months. I hereby solemnly swear to love Spurs and hate I told you so's for the interim period; we've got a potentially surprising quarter year ahead of us, I resolve to let go of the past and get with supporting my team as is; for better or worse.

    Who's with me?!

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    • NBR,
      Now all the hype is over, I'll start the next rumour. Still with Damiao - I think he'll join in Jan - and that is why 'arry et al weren't too keen on signing a 'permanent' striker.

      I don't think we're worse off than last year. Our strikers weren't performing across the board, and two have gone. So hopefully that has been resolved (although I was surprised it was Crouch).

      Last year, Sandro just broke into the team , so I think it's odds on that he'll establish himself this season, and if he doesn't the cover looks good.

      Because of the injuries etc we also then have a couple of the youngsters who have had opportunities and have come through pretty well, although (IMHO) I think the 'hype' around Walker is a bit premature and his performances for us and England left a bit to be desired.

      My only concern, assuming the goal famine is resolved and it wasn't caused by VdV/Modric, which personally I don't think it was, is that VdV / Modric combination. IE the same as last season with VDV/Modric. To me they 'compete' rather than 'complement' and with the hassle and 'my head's not right' stuff 'arry hasn't obviously had the best pre-season to work on that.

      All in all, relatively positive.

      PS can anyone see where Parker fits now (I say 'now', given Modric stayed) anyway? Was he just bought to make the 8 home players in the squad with Jenas and Crouch going?

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      • Surely we have more home players than that?

        Anyway, welcome to BraveSpur my two new recruits, who else will join us?

      • JL - I think Parker's going to be the holding mid, I also think Sandro's going to have a hard time getting his place back (unless we're going with a really defensive line-up and two holding mids (why so I hear you ask?) Because Harry likes working with players he knows...and while Sandro's definitely looking 'the biz' he's still not a Harry favourite (remember the reaction after he scored his goal last season...I didn't see it until much later, and wondered why 'ol' Joan was in a tizz...but when i did see it I thought "ey-up, what's that all about"...and didn't buy Harry's story about the incident)...anyway, I digress...Parker/Sandro are the DM's as Sandro/Palacios were last season with THudd being the pseudo DM.

        Agreed that the VDV/Modric midfield combo is not a complementary one...but stick with the unbalanced line-up to accomodate VDV being a part (not all) of why our forwards weren't scoring last season.

        NBR what I was impressed with, was the fact that you proof read your piece to notice that you made a mistake (you can tell I obviously don't!!).

        I reserve the right to nag, and say "I told you so"...but still support my team whole-heartedly...until the next transfer window (wink).

    • That would have been better than braveheart if I'd not missed the on out of "get on with" in the last sentence.

      Stoopid posting from my phone...