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    modric....will he knuckle down?

    'arry says know that the trasnsfer window has closed Modric will be a true professional and react accordingly.....i wonder....if he is intent on getting away and Chelsea are whispering in his ear.....won't he ne more resentful and unsettled.....a move is in his head and January is coming up....should we have taken the £40m and got 2 world class replacements......

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    • Of course he will.

      It wouldn't surprise me in the least if Levy has told the little fella he can go either in January or next May and in the meantime keeping the pot warm over at Chavsea and working out who to spend the £40m on when the deal is finally done.

      But to fulfill the deal Modric will have to continue to impress the Chavs so that they still want him (to replace old Frank). Course he'll give it some. It's in his (and his agents) interest. Unless he's as thick as Marmite (no disrespect to Marmite)

    • He was a prize asset for you guys and a very good player, but again I stress the point that Arry drags his feet. He could have pulled big money in there and pulled in a few British young guys around the 10 mill apiece mark. He knows after all his years in management that once a player gets itch feet for whichever reason the show's over.
      If Levy has some ego issue for wanting to keep him for some reason Arry should have told him to fuskc off---he's in charge.

    • Rambro, if Filthy Luka doesn't sort himself out I sincerely hope you're right and Nico comes good because I haven't seen him do anything other than headless chicken stuff so far this season!

    • Point taken re Modric and his 10-year contract Rambr0 - but from what I recall from his earlier interview Dinamo Zagreb were aware he wouldn't stay for the whole period so, for financial reasons because they're a small club in European terms, he wanted them to be able to maximise their profit when he was sold. That doesn't make it right but I see where he was coming from in that respect.

      However, what he should realise but maybe doesn't quite appreciate is that Spurs are a different kettle of fish so he can't treat us the same way and think he can get away with it, as Levy rightly proved. Whether that will stop the Chavs (or anyone else) come January is another matter.

      I also hate the way that the so-called "bigger" (read richer) clubs buy to weaken their rivals. I think that Citeh are now realising that the policy is flawed because of compliance with FFP rules. Their offloading of excess players has backfired a bit with Tevez as they had no takers for him, and to a certain extent with Adebayor as they're still shelling out wages for him, plus they took a hit when they let Bellamy go for free. But hey, when your owner is one of the richest men on the planet what does that matter.

      As Modric scored a stonking goal for Croatia last night and wasn't substituted he can hardly say he's come back injured, so as I said before he'll knuckle down and play because with the mood Levy is in he sure as hell won't gain anything from sulking.

    • I think he will!

      If he wants out still (ad I think he probably does) behaving badly will do him no favours. He needs to perform to keep himself in the shop window.

      Citeh got Nasri, Chavs got Mata, Manure have some exciting players(Cleverly) and seem more interested in Snijeder, so none of the obvious clubs are quite as desperate, meaning Luka will have to stay on top of his game for them to maintain an interest.

      If we are challenging top 4 in Jan, I think Levy will maintain his 'Not for sale at any price' (I will be amazed if we are, I think 6th is possibly our limit, unless we have 5-6 players who have seasons of their lives)

      I reckon he'll be here until next summer now. Here's hoping!

      COYS!!!! Come On Luka!!!!

    • 1 it doesn't matter because we never win anything anyway.

      2 If we had sold modric, levy would never have spent the money on 2 world class players.
      3 take a look at what we have brought in, a 40 year old, a 30 year old who played loads of times for a relegated team last year and a 20 something selfish club wrecker !! thank god we didn't get the nap hand, joe cole and bellamy !!

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      • I see what you are saying, Oldspural, after months of build up it finished in a disappointing anti-climax. But what I will say is the 40 y.o. and the 30 y.o. and the 20 something are now Spurs players and we should wait and see before we mug them off without even a look at them. Sad to see JJ, Crouchie, Wilson, and Bentley go. No one will agree, but I thought they all did a job for the cause of THFC, and have now taken one for the team! Good luck to all of them at their respective new clubs and loan spells. Modric will do himself no favours by sulking and being resentful...all that went on Berb's CV, now he's sulking on the bench third choice behind Wellbeck and a little pee.