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  • With VDV looking like he's going to be out injured for 6 weeks+, who would you all pick as first choice strikers?

    IMO this gives us the chance to experiment a little,

    I know increasing numbers of you may have issue with VDV, but I'd start Adebayour and VDV if he was fit. With Vdv missing, I'd start Defoe and Ade. Although Gio and Ade would be very interesting, I might save that for a cup game.

    I'm presuming that we'd play two strikers, rather than either pushing Niko or Luka into the VDV role.



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    • Now we'll get to see if the theory of VDV unbalancing the line-up is real or imagined (for it to be imagined, our strikers are going to have to score goals...because that's what they were not doing when he was in the team). It'll be interesting if the goals start flying in off of Daffy's Ade's and Pavy's boots...interesting for Harry when VDV is ready to go again.

      4-4-2 Parker, Bale, Modric/Kranjcar, Lennon/Walker in the middle (yes, I'm thinking young Kyle could possibly the counterweight to our other converted full-back, Bale...and especially now that Lennon's injured...at the back Corluka (I know he's slow, but he did have Man U take Young off when he came on...did you notice that...he blocked about 3 crossing attempts, this after being turned inside out a few times)), Kaboul & Dawson, BAE.

      Alternately you could put Walker at RB and bring in Townshend at RW witht he rest staying the same.

      Tough away games (which is most games for us) Adebayor as lone striker, then a center diamond of Modric spearheading Parker and Livermore with THudd anchoring and then one of the two above back lines.

      We'll see what Harry does and hope the big bucks he gets paid is money well spent!

    • i would play ade and daffy just behind him

      midfield of bale niko parker lennon

    • I'd play adebayour and defoe, because defoe is so small adebayour will miss when he takes a swing at him !!