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  • yes he is better than hudd & jenas.

    i think lennon is out for a few wks rambro.
    i forget about that.
    so sticking walker there is a good idea!

    im not sure about playin corluka at RW. although he could be the new stuart ripley!

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    • I absolutely think he'll be out to prove something; he always wanted to be a Spurs great and I think his performance and attitude were fantastic. My ideal result would be for him to score and us to win 3-1 (with the scoreline at 1-1 when he's taken off, is that too much detail for an ideal scenario?).

      As for comparing him to Jenas and Hudd, perhaps it's only me but I think that's as much use as comparing him to Robbo or Keane, they have completely different games. That said, I really believe he had the right Spurs mindframe and I really hope he has a fantastic career ahead of him... just not against us ;)