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  • I always liked O'hara,

    Even when he made those stupid comments when he was on loan to Pompey. I admire that he would rather move to a smaller club in order to play football, but I think those comments were pretty ill informed.

    As much as I admire O'hara's work ethic, I think thats probably his best attribute, he works hard, runs his arse off and puts in alot of effort. I think Hudds is a much better player than O'Hara, just less mobile. I think Jenas and O''Hara is a pretty good comparison, with O'Hara taking it on the effort points. We have better players now and neither O'Hara or Jenas would see much action.

    I'm happy for O'Hara he will be one of the best players at Wolves, they will all love his energy, but I truely hope he has a howler this weekend!