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  • Layla Layla Sep 10, 2011 17:15 Flag

    good win at wolves!!!!!!!!!!

    just finished watching our solid 2-0 win over wolves which went down nicely with my tea & biscuits! thats 1 thing id miss if i lived over in the usa with rambro etc although im sure the better weather & standard of living would help me cope!

    pretty close contest until ade scored & then we seem to become confident & always looked like winning the game.

    great to see the new boys ade & parker combine for the 1st goal.
    & i was told parker only passes sideways. 1st game for us & he has an assist!

    not an amazing performance from the boys but very solid & controlled.

    maybe king has something to do with the strong defensive display. he just seems to organise us & give the other defenders confidence.

    wolves is a tough place to go & they are in a bit of form so its a very good 3pts!
    i would have setted for a solid 0-0 but the boys did even better then that.

    our season starts today!

    clean sheet & kings return.
    ade & parker both had good debuts
    both strikers (defoe & ade) scoring!
    modric played much better today
    walker showed us his villa form for 1st time!
    harry even gave dos santosa few mins!

    negatives- all the injuries we are picking up which isnt really a negative of this game!
    its me, i had to think of at least 1!

    injured players now- dawson,sandro,gallas,hudd, corluka,rose,VDV off the top of my head!

    friedel- had to make a few decent saves
    walker- very good & some good runs foward
    king-rusty 1st few mins but then superb for the rest of the game.1st clean sheet on his 1st game back, coincedence?i think not!
    kaboul-solid & seemed more assured with king beside him.
    ekotto-a couple of erratic moments but decent game overall

    bale- did ok but still not happy with him mainly playing on the right
    niko- suprisingly did very well on the right
    parker-solid game. never stopped rubbing, tackling & closing down. good little toe poke to ade for the 1st goal.
    modric-more like himself! not quite there yet but getting there. dont forget he has had injuries too.

    ade-very good. i didnt realise how hard he works.
    constantly working to hold the ball up & a good finish for him goal. showed good strength & speed through out. great to finally have a striker with strength & presence upfront.

    defoe- did quite well. good movement throughout.
    him & ade together looked a handful. good run & finish for the goal.

    livermore-only had a few mins but good to see him gaining more experience.

    gio- 1st spurs game in over a yr! again, only had a few mins but hope to see harry give him more game time especially in the europa cup.

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    • & u can't half ignore the holes in your posts!

    • Another 4 mentions in that post. Phew, you can't half crack them out Layla.

      I wouldn't call the posting of a tongue in cheek explanation of what a rhetorical question' is, a "Rant".

      Just how big is your equity card for heavens sake!? (rq)

    • i like they way u have posted loads of rubbish & then just put it was a rhetorical question at the end to get out of it.

      then if someone points out your mistakes u go on a rant about what a rhetorical question means.

      also u say rhetorical question is my favourite new saying.

      u must know some very short sayings! iv never heard of a saying that is 2 words.

      A saying is something that is said, notable in one respect or another, to be "a pithy expression of wisdom or truth."

      i hardly think rhetorical question qualifies as a saying.

      still not met a gooner with a brain. i thought john might be the 1 but no he is looking as brainy as fab at the moment.

    • I've got no problem with John or Fab or even Pipsqueek coming on here. They are not overly rude or aggresive and a bit of banter is a good thing.

      Now idiots like Ed or Joan, they are different mainly because they have opinions that are not up for debate. Stupid.

      I think John has got caught up in the whole "trying to understand SB" thing and let's be honest, it took some of us quite a while to do that!!

    • It's all a laugh, innit? (Rhetorical!)

    • It was a tongue in cheek remark HRJ.

      I didn't say who could or couldn't answer, or what to say. I merely said that what I wrote was a rhetorical question, so that there was no need to answer it.

      I know what works mate. Joe also knows how it works. A smart Spud. Who'd of thunk it!? (Please take note, that this is also a rhetorical question so whilst there is no need to answer, that does not mean that you can't. I just wont bother replying to it.)


    • Boy you really like typing the phrase 'rhetorical question'.

      It's like it's become your favourite new saying.

    • HRJ &SB,

      Lets take a step back here,

      Have either of you ever looked or tried to post or respond to a thread on the Goon or Manure pages?

      Those pages are full of idiots and arseholes, there are even some areholes with idiots attached to them its that bad! Seriously if you have looked save yourself the heartache. If you have doesn't it make you feel a bit better about this page, where we can actually debate and exchange opinions.

      Largely John contributes in a productive manner, but if from time to time you don't like how he comes across, remember he probably has to dumb him self down inorder for most of his usual respondants to understand him!

      We don't want to start picking on him! He's much better when its one 2-1, oh sorry did it again! ha ha.

      We need to humor the stray Goons that find themselves over here and remember Goons are a humans too!- Just about! It must be a bloody horrible time to be one, remember any response may be laced with feeling of discontentment and confusion, and just a hint of jealousy! ha ha ha.

      Oh and er


    • Patronising, John. So you can come on here and tell us not only what questions to answer, but what answers to give...sorry, it does't work that way.

    • huh, so u pretended not to see my earlier post & then asked a rhetorical quesiton.

      or u did see my earlier post & then asked a rhetorical question.

      or u didnt see my earlier post & then asked a rhetorical question.

      jur arguments skip from 1 to the other & then go all evasive by asking rhetorical questions.

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