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  • Joe Joe Sep 12, 2011 17:29 Flag

    Gio dos Santos - Harry wanted rid!

    Ok I have borrowed most of this from another, to remain un-named site, so sorry about that, I found this interesting as I have always been hopeful that he would 'come-good', sadly it looks like the writings on the wall!

    Udinese made a £13m offer or Giovani dos Santos this summer, Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has confirmed.

    "Gio wanted to move, but we couldn't let him go," said Redknapp.

    "We had a £13m offer from Udinese with £10m down and the rest in do-able bonuses with a big sell-on, but he wouldn't go.

    "He wanted to go to Sevilla who were offering around £3m. You can't blame the chairman for not letting him go.”

    The Italian outfit targeted the Mexican, 22, as a replacement for Alexis Sanchez following his move to Barcelona in the summer.

    I find this a littlle frustrating that a player with apparently so much talent which is displayed everytime he plays for Mexico, has his card marked! it seems Hazza and Levy have made up their minds on this lad and its a matter of waiting for the right offer!

    IMO If he goes we will need another wide player, unless Rose/Townsend/Pienaar are good enough options, who do you think is a realistic target?

    I'd like Adam Johnson or Jesus Hernandez, if they were possible!


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    • I don't know for sure but I think channel Five show highlights, late though?

      Otherwise you'll fine them online.


    • Fair -play Sfer,

      I can see why we got our wires crossed, there is obviously more to the Gio's possible transfer than we are privie to, it would make me far less suspicious of Harry/Levy (who I like) if we knew a little more. But then I guess the more we know the more we tend to criticise and over analyse (or maybe thats just me).

      I'm looking forward to tonights game, Townsend/Gio/Livermore/Walker/Kane all look like exciting prospects to me and I'll be very happy to see them have a chance to show us what they've got.

      Is Rose fit? if so did he travel?

      COYS- Getting excited now!

    • Sorry Joe, I thought you were saying Arry didn't give young talent a chance......

      "Why when he has a player in his squad, who has buckets of ability does he look to move him on rather than getting into his head and help him reach his potential. It just seems odd to me."

      and I was saying yes he does...look at Bale but I am probably reading your post wrong. It seems to me that there is more to it than just how much skill Gio has and that might be proved by why Barca let him go and Galaratsy didn't want him.

      Either Arry has to tell the fans why he isn't keen on him and sell him or give him an opportunity and let us see for ourselves.

    • GDS has the chance to prove his worth tonight v PAOK - playing on the left wing with Falque on the right wing and Pav and Kane up front (if my newspaper this morning is to be believed that is!).

      Come on boys - show us that you can do the biz!

      Am also seriously pi$$ed off it's a) at 6pm and b) on ESPN - anyone know if there are any highlights on tonight?

    • Sfer -Bale is another great case in point, he had that horrible record of not being part of a winning team for a ridiculous amount of games, Harry stuck with him and gave him his chance and look at the result.

      It doesn't seem like he has done the same with Dos Santos.

      Harry has always got hold of good quality players and helped them improve or re-capture form. Thats why I was surprised when he was trying to sell Dos Santos.


    • Joe - not sure your point about Arry not giving younger players a chance holds water - look at Bale.

    • Joe,
      I hope so. I'm no great fan of Daffy, but I am of Spurs and it's a team game. So if he scores his usual 14-15 EPL goals, I'd be happy. Anymore and it's a bonus.

    • Graeme- Thats what confuses me!

      Dos Santos maybe has had a history of being a party animal (I guess thats why Barca sold him despite the hatrick in his last appearence), But Hazza, has a reputation for signing players whose careers were on the wonk and reviving them! he's done it everywhere he's been!

      Why when he has a player in his squad, who has buckets of ability does he look to move him on rather than getting into his head and help him reach his potential. It just seems odd to me.

      John- IMO Daffy will thrive if played with Ade, I seem to remember him doing very well when playing next to Kanoute and IMO Ade is a better player than Kanoute.

      Some competition and rotation up front will do them all alot of good IMO. That could have been part of the issue last season, with VDV making such an immediate impact, maybe Haz just felt he had to start him, meaning the others had no chance of a run or finding form and were played around VDV. Ok now I'm just over analysing! caio.


    • here's a better one joe. 'arry in the independent this morning, talking about a player he wanted to get rid of and in the meantime had exiled to ipswich or norwich or some god-awful place: '.......when I get Gio Dos Santos back as well, we're going to be very strong. It's a good squad again and we will be there or thereabouts challenging for the Champions League.' Could have had him last year 'arry when you needed a striker!