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    The Kids Are Alright

    Yes there was a nice mix of experience and youth (and experienced youth) Livermore, Carroll, Kane, Townshend and Falque all getting playing time; Fredricks and Parrett getting clean-up duty...not bad in hostile territory, should be good experience for them.

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    • Very true that it was probably the right choice but Harry's reasons were due to the ones you stated and, i suppose with hindesight.............If you want to be a big club/successful club, then you need to prioritise where the money is and not (like me) hanker for the older days. You get the quater finals in this cup and build up a big injury list of 1st teamers and the chairman ain't gunna be happy.

    • Roy, I wholeheartedly agree, and go to as many of the "unimportant" cup games as I can. That said, that was the first of 6 group stage games, and with the everton game being cancelled we've got a tricky start to the season, not to mention the potential banana skin of stoke in c cup and the already long injury list. Thinking of all of these, it was a disappointing but correct team choice for that match, potentially necessary to keep us challenging on 4 fronts, and the boys done reasonably good.

      Admittedly, 'Arry won't have chosen the team for these reasons, it'll be cos he's not interested in Europa, but it's probably tactically helped.

    • With hindesight, he used the kids are you are not knocked out, so all should bode well for progression.

      CL place would be a great reward and enhance the kudos of the competition....good points

    • Good points here.

      I'm pleased we used some youngsters but ideally it would be nice to have a good mixture of 1st team and young. Obviously it is hard with the injuries we have.

      With regards to the Europa Cup It is a real shame how it seems to be regarded nowadays. I do remember when it was highly thought of.

      One good idea my Dad came up with is how about giving the winner of this cup entry into next years Champions league!

      I don't know how it would work...obviously they need to take a place from somewhere to accommodate maybe?

      But it would certainly create abit more hunger to win the Europa when not only do you win a European cup but your in with the big boys the following year. (a nice back door into CL like our League cup is for Europa e.g Birmingham)

      Any thoughts?

    • Roy we need to win this cup if possible, there are a few decent sides in it still, it gives us the chance to be in the European window and be noticed, having said that its not the be all if we do not make it but for me this is ideal grounding for the kids and recently i have been critical of Harry but hes played this one right, play the kids in the big time against good European opposition if we had lost this one it would not have been the end of the world due to the league set up, but with Liverpool coming up on Sunday i believe everything has worked out just fine.

    • They certainly were tonight,

      Apparently PAOK put out there strongest possible team, so I'm pretty happy with that performance. imo we had to rest players for the liverpool game and with the injuries we currently have it was nice to see our young players gain some great experience and step up, we had chances to win that game.

      Bring on the Pool.


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      • only saw the 2nd half and the kids did well. my ownly critisism would be that i would of liked to have 1 or 2 1st team players on the bench . if we had gone 1 nil down there wasnt anyone to come on that would scare paok.

        all in all a good run out for the fringe players and young lads.

      • decent performance from the kids & glad we hung on for a pt which was probably the fair result considering we should have had a pen.

        my thoughts on the kids-

        walker- going to be a good RB especially if he learns not to commit to the tackle so much.

        livermore- looking very comfortable in the CM role & works hard.
        rather we gave him more games in cups than kept jenas.
        doubts- CM is a tough position to make your own at a club like ours. not sure if he is going to be an out and out DM or more of an alround CM?

        kane-strong, holds the ball up well, works hard & is neat & tidy on the ball.
        doubts- not seen if he is a good finisher or makes enough good runs or possesses good movement.

        townsend-good pace,skills & runs with the ball.
        doubts-will he learn when to pass & when to take on players etc.

        carroll- neat & tidy on the ball.
        doubts-whether he will have enough to impose himself on games.

        falque- rarely noticed him to judge apart from 1 decent shot.

        dos santos- was hit & miss today but has good pace, movement, skills, distribution & shot on him.
        doubts- getting into games more & really going for it but hard when u play the odd game here & there.