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  • RAMBR0 RAMBR0 Sep 18, 2011 16:11 Flag

    Waiting for the SB game report 4-0

    Ok, I read the Yahoo report, what did you guys think of our performance today (I'm a month and a half away from seeing regular games on TV again). Sounded like a nightmare for 'pool ;-)

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    • Well that was the first bad game he has had in a liverpool shirt. His passing in the absence of gerrard had been excellent and so yeah I think most liverpool fans will see that.
      Fair enough I forgot about the bale challenge last year.

    • I didn't realise he was Scottish and I forgot we played on Sunday - so I guess that does make me a complete idiot!!

      I stand by my comments about Adam. All last season everyone seemed to be raving about him, and the interest from other clubs which eventually led to Liverpool buying him suggested he was some kind of hidden gem, top talent. Yes there are players who go in hard, but I think he goes in too hard, he harangues the referees (I know he's not the only one but when he did that for Blackpool against us he pretty much verbally abused the ref and somehow got away with it scot free - no pun intended), and I don't think he's nearly as talented as people have made him out.

      You are entitled to disagree of course. Maybe Liverpool fans in particular see in him whatever it was that Dalglish et al did, maybe as I said if Dalglish can get him to work on his game he can actually be a very good player. Until then I'm not impressed, for what it's worth.

    • a guy called?-

      I can completely understand why Adam has a bad (increasingly bad) reputation as a dirty player, at the end of last season he put a challenge in on Bale that ended his season and could have been far worse!

      Adam may not intend to hurt people but IMO he makes really bad decisions on when to put (and leave) the foot in! it was sheer luck that stopped that challenge on Parker being a game ender. If Parkers foot had been grounded his knee would have given - Parker leave on a stretcher! we have enough injuries to contend with without Adam adding to that!

      Liverpool were such a great team! what has happened? the last two occasions we have played them they have been more dirty antics and bad challenges than anything else!

      Did anyone else notice Suarez's hand/forearm to the throat of Parker? a cynical act of a desperate man! such a shame to see a player like Suarez resort to that!

      The pool were out-classed and out-performed, Spurs were rampant and it could have been 6-0 easily!


    • I dont understand why anyone would describe Adam as "an agressive spiteful player". He got a well deserved red card on Sunday (not "saturday") but that does not make him a violent player.
      Dont worry about him playing for England either.....not unless there is a major change in the rules.

    • Worry not about Adam playing for England Glenn - he's Scottish so can't get a call-up ;-)

    • Great performance but I guess we can't get carried away. It wasn't until they went down to 9 men that we managed to score more goals. While we played the better stuff anyway when it was 11 v 11 (and subsequently 11 v 10), we'd have been punished against a more established outfit for not taking our chances. Ade played fasntastic showed what I always grudgingly accepted - that he is a top class player with a cool head in front of goal. My only question is, can he deliver the same type of committed performance on a cold visit to the North West? Answer to be revealed next week v Wigan!

      On the subject of Liverpool, they seem to have enough money in the pot to get them where they need to be each season, even if that wasn't apparent on Saturday. I remember a couple of seasons back, the Man City millionnaires lost 3-0 to us at the Lane and looked very poor, now just a couple of seasons later with more investment in players look where they are. Liverpool have spent a lot on players who may just need more time to gel (Suarez aside - he is world class). But...Charlie Adam is a scumbag waste of money liability f**k head who I hope never graces an England team, the way he plays at the moment. He is exactly the sort of antiquated player that has no place in the modern game - an aggressive, spiteful player who only appears to be interested in hurting people. If Dalglish doesn't get him to improve on this side of his game, it could cost them dearly (which would hopefully help us anyway!!)

    • sorry for the late match report rambro lol. i might start charging a subscription fee like some of our english newspapers are doing!

      i wish i could say i was at the game like kentish (me is very jealous!). i also expected it to be a very close game that could go either way.

      a quick report just for rambro although its been mentioned by all other above^

      friedel-did he actually have any saves to make?

      walker-decent game but still learning the ropes & learning to play with his new team mates. big future at the lane!
      king-kept suarez & carroll very quiet & seems to make our defence 90% better when he plays.
      kaboul-very solid, both him & dawsons game improves hugely when they are alongside king.
      ekotto-good game again. the amount of bad games he has is prob down to 1 in 10 now.

      parker-very good again.kept snapping at the heels & used the ball well
      modric-very good, pulled the strings & a stunning goal. good to see him in a spurs shirt & a smile on his face(or was that because he bet a tenner on himself to score 1st?).
      bale-constant menance down the left & in the end caused skrtel to get sent off
      niko-neat & tidy. his usual 7 out of 10 performance.glad we kept him.

      ade- very good again. links up & holds up the ball well. decent finisher & has a good understanding with defoe.
      defoe-good goal & game. works harder than given credit for. good link up with ade. also the extra strength training he has done has made a big difference. he is bouncing off defenders more & staying stronger with the ball. it just shows with the right striker next to him he thrives.

      vdv- neat & tidy when came on.
      dos santos-didnt have enough time to impress but glad he is being given more match time.
      bassong-not enough time to impress. although i loved the cool celebration with ade for the 4th goal.

      harry- tactics spot on! well done that man!

    • I think the VDV problem is a symptom of the team problems as a whole, not necessarily a cause - he's not a player who will come on during a poor game and bring cohesion, he's the type who gets frustrated and the best way he knows to fix that is to do it himself, which rarely works in those situations. In a team firing well he adds a dimension, but he needs someone to work off (Modric?) when they're not, which he's not been getting.

      One thing that did pee me off today was how frequently players hit the deck when they were fouled; I don't remember any doing it when it wasn't a foul, and they didn't generally roll around like they'd been shot, but it was often when they could have stayed up, so it's still a gamesmanship tactic, and happened so often that it's obviously being taught. Which makes me unhappy.

    • Excellent through-out, until second sending off, then it was no more than a training exercise...would of preferred we had continued to look for more goal's as they could be relevant at the end of the season, but as I say, excellent by all...

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      • I'd agree with that - it sounds picky, but we've still got a minus GD, and had a great chance to rectify that. But generally all good, and don't forget the 0-0 in Europe; it might not have been first team but it'll be great for confidence of the 'in between' players (Bassong, Walker, etc), and helps create the winning mentality.

        What's arguably more important than the scoreline is Liverpool's shocking performance; I thought they were a given for 4th, but on that showing we've got more than a fighting chance.

        Anyone seen word from "King" Kenny after the game? Just to add salt to the Scouse wound, they'll be fined for having more than 5 bookings...

    • Very heartening performance from the Spurs boys today, Ram. Even when Liverpool had all eleven on it was like we had two extra players! We played some breath-taking stuff and they really could only stop us by fouling! Bale had the left touchline sewn up, the whole of the back four were rock solid, with Ledley and Eunice(Younis) taking any threat in their stride, and Kyle and Benny allowed to get forward more than usual. In midfield, Modric was a diamond as usual. There can't be many better players in the world in that position, let alone the PL! Scott Parker fits in very well, he's very much a 'win it, lay it off' sort of midfielder, as opposed to Palacios who was more 'win it, give it back'. Ade has given us real dimension up top, he and Daffy looked menacing throughout. The two sendings off were 100pc justified when viewed as four yellows, although I thought Chas Adam's could have been a borderline straight red...outrageous challenge. Still he likes to stick it to Spurs players...remember last season? I won't describe the goals for you though, you'll see them on the internet, no doubt, but Modric's was a stonker! So glad I like him again, fickle fan that I am. COYS!!!

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