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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 18, 2011 18:02 Flag

    Waiting for the SB game report 4-0

    I'd agree with that - it sounds picky, but we've still got a minus GD, and had a great chance to rectify that. But generally all good, and don't forget the 0-0 in Europe; it might not have been first team but it'll be great for confidence of the 'in between' players (Bassong, Walker, etc), and helps create the winning mentality.

    What's arguably more important than the scoreline is Liverpool's shocking performance; I thought they were a given for 4th, but on that showing we've got more than a fighting chance.

    Anyone seen word from "King" Kenny after the game? Just to add salt to the Scouse wound, they'll be fined for having more than 5 bookings...

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    • Rambro glad i made u laugh,

      never thought i would say this but ade looks to be a great player and he looks to have brought a great energy to the team . daffy looks sharp again , and bale and the wide boys have a positive target .

      im also going to say how happy i am too for modders to still be in the spurs shirt . i hated that he wanted to leave and wanted him gone so we could move on . but after todays game it should what a super star he is , and i hope him and parker stay fit .

    • Before the game I had my doubts that we could pull off a win because the Scousers have been on the up so far this season but from the off we were all over them like a rash and set out our stall.

      I didn't realise it was Modric who scored the first goal because it was down the other end of the pitch but the look on his face on the jumbotron was pure joy - Modric is back as far as I'm concerned!!

      The minus goal difference was at the back of my mind even at 1-0 so I was also very disappointed with the keep-ball play in the last quarter of the game. Because the Scousers were so dire if we'd really turned it on against 8 outfield players we could have had a good couple more. I didn't even realise Downing was on the pitch until he was substituted - that's how good he was(n't!).

      I agree that Kaboul was awesome, winning almost every header that came his way. Playing alongside Ledley is clearly beneficial whoever the other CB is.

      I thought that vdV coming on slightly changed the shape and cohesiveness of the team, and we didn't use Walker as often as we should have done. He showed a little bit of nervousness at times, keeping the ball instead of crossing for better effect. Parker was solid in the midfield, and despite Soppy's assertion that he's a selfish player I actually thought he was too unselfish today and could/should have unleashed one or two of the thunderbolts from outside the box that we know he's capable of.

      One or two stray passes and the final keep-ball play aside it was a good to watch the lads playing as a team in a tremendous demolition of King Kenny's Scousers. If that's what spending £50m does then frankly I'm glad we only spent a fraction of that.


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      • where VDV players is tricky , but i thought he snapped at the heels of any red with the ball. he played a quick ball out wide and looked to play the right ball rather then try and run selfishly with it.

        i think he needs to be told that we have to play as a team and that means using all the players. defo need to keep the 4-4-2 shape and VDV will have to adapt to it . either hes a striker or in midfield not floating round like hes the star.

        good to see him fit and playing again, looks like we will have some nice options soon in midfield with sandro , hudds and pienarr fit.