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  • Layla Layla Sep 19, 2011 18:55 Flag

    stoke team

    should be a tough game especially as are old boys (wilson, crouch & woodgate) will have something to prove.

    im in 2 minds about it, part of me thinks put out fringe & youth players. but another part of me thinks its silverware so put out a much stronger team.

    harry has made his mind up to play fringe & youth players.
    here is my team,


    corluka bassong gallas townsend

    VdV livermore sandro niko

    gio pav

    thats if reports are correct & both sandro & gallas are fit again. be great to have them both fit.

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    • Now that would be hilarious nbr. Both Gallas and Adebyor scoring and Gallas sliding in on Van Persie just as he is going to tap the ball into an empty net. Glorious.

    • Is Gallas back? I can see him getting a cheeky toe-poke goal, or playing them offside for what otherwise would be an equaliser... ;)

    • If our youngsters can't beat Shamcock Rovers we should be ashamed given the amount of time and money we have spent over the years in "talented" kids that will prove their "potential" given time.

      I can't see Arry risking too many 1st teamers with the Ar$e game at the weekend either. Quite right too. Can you imagine King playing against Shamcock, getting injured and us having to play Kaboul and Bassong on Sunday or perhaps worse, Adebyor getting injured and us having to leave Defoe up front on his own!! there would be uproar and quite rightly so.

      Anyway, it's already written in the stars - Adebyor to score a late winner and for him to stand in front of Whinger....... laughing...YeeeeeHaaaaa!!

    • Like Sfer and John I'd rather we qualify for the CL than win the CC. Although any silverware is something to be proud of, I agree that to attract the best players you need to compete on the biggest stage.

      I also think Gus Poyet would be a superb manager for us as and when Harrys time is up.

      I would like us to field a stronger team in the ropey league and I think once our injury list is more manageable we will see some more experience mixed with some of the exciting youth players we saw against PAOK.

      The game against Shamrodk this thursday should an intersting one, with us playing te Goons on sunday I'm not expecting Harry to risk many firstb teamers, however I think we should have enough to win the game!


    • Sad but true: I forgot about the c cup match until late Wednesday eve - I wondered who Chelsea had played as loads of fans at the station, it was only when I googled it I realised...

      That said, I think football's all about the cups and all about glory, not calculated moves to retain a position as 4th best. Really, is the only competition 'Arry will take seriously now that one?? If you have one 'blooding' contest that's one thing, but do that seriously too; the Utds of the world don't just dump youth players in there, they combine them with squad players and other experienced types to aid their development, and you could never accuse them of not playing to win.

      I firmly believe any cup is as important as you make it; our c cup game against goons (I think 2 seasons ago - they beat us at the Lane) was a farce, but you couldn't say that about the Manc-off semi final of the same competition last year. That's why I'm proud of our win in it 3 or 4 years back, and why I'll be cheering on for the Europa matches even if the powers that be take the michael with their team selection/s.

    • I have to admit I fell asleep during halftime so I obviously missed Brighton playing well although I don't think they played that badly in the first half.

      Gus makes his team play football and whilst that doesn't always work in the lower leagues it is the right thing to do. he is sensible, talented, experienced, respected and well worth a gamble in my book.

      Not sure if a 2-1 win last night did anything for Pool's confidence. We will see how that pans out for them over the next couple of weeks.

    • He's still smarting from the 4-0 drubbing we gave them on Sunday John :-)

      It was also gratifying to hear Gerrard admit in his post-match interview that they needed a result last night to "get the Tottenham result out of our minds". Credit to him though, he acknowledged Brighton had given them a game, though I thought he looked somewhat relieved that Pool won the game in the end after Brighton's late penalty award.

    • Looks like Gus proved that point last night.

      Although they played like rabbits caught in the headlight for the first 35 minutes, from the 40th minute on Brighton dominated the game and *played* Liverpool off the park. They just lacked that cutting edge - shame Buckley went off, as he looked like one of the players who could have turned it.

      'Kin Kenny was most ungracious in his post match interview when the reporter wanted to get his take on how well Brighton had played in the second half.

    • kentish & sfer, im repeating myself from another thread, but its not on tv tonight. its leeds v utd on sky.

      u can try a stream online but i think they are usually tough to find for non televised carling & fa cup matches.

      i agree with what u have both said about finishing 4th every season is better than the odd cup win for lots of reasons but most notable financially & the clubs long term future.

      u mentioned the carling & fa cup, but where do u stand on the europa league? similar to fa cup or do u see it as lesser or bigger trophy?

      i think there is a lot of luck in all knockout comps. if we had been drawn against inter or schalke last yr in the quarters i would have fancied us to get to the semi's.
      whereas utd could have been drawn against madrid in the quarters & possible lost. also some of the group teams in the CL are no better than lower half prem teams.
      winners from cyprus,switzerland,romania etc are poor quality.

    • Looks like we agree on pretty much everything then John. Is the game on TV tonight?

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