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  • ed ed Sep 26, 2011 20:26 Flag

    Judas never gives up does he.

    you're right, john. so pathetic that what a former spurs & arsenal player does with the rest of his life looms so large in the lives of people such as sfer. when other peoples' lives matter more than your own it's a sure sign that your life is a pretty useless one which in mouthbourne's case i can readily understand.

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    • Once again Ed you are showing your inability to read and understand what is actually being said. I have not made any comment on this thread about Judas and therefore how can my life revolve around him like you suggest it does - idiot.

      I see you have recognised there is a "U" in mouth - well done.

      You can single me out for your drivel if you like, I really don't care, as the fact is that everybody on here thinks you are a complete idiot. Stupid comments, stupid views = stupid person.

      I used to get wound up by idiots like you and ended up in a lot of fights outside pubs. Now, people like you I just feel sorry for. And I would have quite a large bet that my life is a lot happier than yours - idiot. Or should be Ediot??