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  • Layla Layla Sep 24, 2011 18:25 Flag

    wigan win!

    another win which should have been a lot more comfortable than it was. we made hard work of it.

    we dominated the 1st half & it all looked too easy.
    we than got sloppy in the 2nd half which was highlighted by ekottos silly mistake which lead to the wigan goal.

    this let wigan back in the game & even when they went down to 10 with just 1 goal in it they could always nick a draw.

    strangley dos santos of all people threw his body in the way of a wigan shot which looked to be flying towards goal.

    bale 2 games in a row derservedly got the RB sent off.

    we passed the ball well & the triangle of
    sandro parker
    looked very promising. be a good tactic for when we play the good teams.

    u have to see sandro's new haircut! he has gone all de niro taxi by getting a mohawk but with the added shaved sides dyed bright blue!

    he looked very commanding in the middle of the park but sadly had to go off injured. fingers crossed its nothing serious.

    ade & vdv linked up well for the 1st goal which ended in a good 1st time finish from vdv.
    i still felt we missed a goal poacher like defoe who had a virus.
    even when they had 10 men ade was up top on his own a lot & we had about 5 or 6 players just doing 5yard passes to each other. a bit crowded in my opinion. & it means we rely on goals coming from very deep.

    modric hit a good corner on to bales head who finished it well for the 2nd goal. a bit under rated in the heading dept is bale bale bale.

    john the stats guys might know, but it seems very rare from memory that we score from set pieces. maybe its just in my head? but good to see us score from a corner.

    friedel- apart from the goal he didnt have much to do.
    he couldnt reach the ball for their goal but i still feel gomes can pull off great saves from shots like that. but then again, gomes would probably have made a wonder save from that shot but then dropped a clanger.

    king- great to see him play again & he was calm & solid as always at the back. 1 game a week from him for the rest of the season would do nicely. he helps bring out the best in kaboul too.

    kaboul-another good solid game alongside king. seems to be maturing a bit more mentally in the football brain dept.

    walker-another good performance. got caught out once defensively but ekotto covered well for him.

    ekotto- well i would say he had a decent game if he had'nt of stupidly given the ball away twice whilst trying to be too clever. 1 time it lead to the goal & the 2nd time wigan messed it up fortunatley.
    these are the stupid mistakes he does less off.
    but still seems to throw in a stinker of a game now & then, but to his credit will then play well for 4 or 5 games.

    modric-was good again. kept the ball well as always & made some good incisive passes foward.

    parker- worked hard & was very good defensively.
    could have done a bit better for their goal but thats me being tough.

    sandro-good commanding performance in the middle & worked well in a CM 3 with modric & parker. shame he went off injured.

    bale- was a menace down the wing & reduced wigan to 10men through 2 bad challenges on him by the wigan RB. scored a good header too!

    vdv- kept the ball well & took his goal well. but was a bit too deep for my liking. but still had a decent game.

    ade-set up the 1st goal, held the ball up & linked up well with the others. another good performance. took a knock & was struggling for the last 20mins as well as having problems with 1 of his eyes. he had to go off for eye drops.
    with pav & defoe out, harry was determined to keep him on. we still look stuffed when he does get an injury!

    dos santos-came on late & kept the ball well but his main contribution was a great flying block he made after a clever free kick from wigan.

    livermore- came on very late.

    harry- out smarted rodriguez with his tactics.

    overall another good 3pts on the board!

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    • I usually agree with Sfer, but not on this one. BAE is the best LB Spurs have had for many years. Someone said about not chasing back when he gets skinned, but that doesn't happen too often. He wins most tackles, is good at shepherding the ball off the pitch and very good at getting out of tight corners and his distribution is usually of the highest order. True, he makes the odd blunder, but so do all defenders....it goes with the territory.

      He is also consistent and I rate him higher than just about any full back in the country. Danny Rose has some way to go before getting the nod over Benni.

    • That's how I see him, NBR. He was one of the first players to go out on the High Road, where his Barber's is and meet with the locals after the riots. He's said that he loves London...how many overseas players ever say something like that? I think he's a bit of a people's people, and I think he's honest. That mistake against Wigan was poor, but since the middle of last season, BAE has become one of our top players, along with the Modrics and Bales etc. OK, so he puts your heart in your mouth sometimes when he tries something a bit flash, but 99 per cent of the time it comes off, and we're attacking again. His distribution for a full-back is brilliant. Good footballer and a nice guy! (All in my opinion, of course.)

    • On BAE's attitude, I think his comments have been misrepresented. I've read other interviews since and it seems being a "Premier League Star" isn't his passion. He still loves playing in the park with his friends, but this is a job for him - playing with people he gets on with fine, but they're not his nearest and dearest, and he's pleased when he wins in the same way I'm pleased when I meet a deadline. He's not in it for the fattest paycheck - he gets his hair done in a barbers close to the ground and catches the tube everywhere! But he's not going to pretend playing for Spurs is all he wants out of life. And I think he's happy there, or he'd leave.

    • Given our style of play, I think BAE is perfect with linking up with Bale and Modric...he has got to be one of the best passing LB in the league, and I've said before that he should put the ball in the stand's sometimes rather than trying to make prats of the opposition, instead of making a prat of himself, but it all add's to the excitement ( nail chewing, bowel movement ) As for his comments, well theres no loyalty in most players nowadays...gone are the days when players would stay at the club they grew up dreaming of playing for, so we cant really expect foreigners to show loyalty, and as much as it grates to hear his comments, at least its honest and frank, instead of the usual drivel most make when they want too leave...as long as the cock ups are few and far between, I hope he stays for a long while yet...whether Rose developes into a PL class LB remains to be seen, but I wouldnt say he' better than BAE at this moment in time...

    • cheers for the review SB...I'm sure our mate sfer will have a field day with BAE's performance (sorry mate, but I had to...chuckling with tongue in cheek).
      I was wondering why Daffy wasn't on the team sheet...hope he's ready to go for the next one!

      King...3 league games...well, I'm sure everyone at the club is keeping their fingers crossed, but he did have that late summer knee surgery, probably something preventive/corrective rather than a reaction to yet another injury...hope he can keep it going.

      It's funny, when I saw we went up by 2 in the first half I had a sneaking (Spurs fan) suspsicion that we'd make hard work of it...in fact I was guessing what Harry's half-time talk would have been...and whether it included "get ready for them to come after us with renewed vigour" or was it "keep doing what you're doing, we've got 'em right where we want them"...maybe a combination of both would be 'on the money'. Oh well, something to do when on a 2-hour train ride.

    • Thanks for the write-up, SB. Hope to be watching on late Football First, if the beer haze will let me! Interesting that 'arry left Daffy out after the success he's had linking up with Ade, but I suppose 4-5-1 is appropriate in a tricky away game like this. 3 points in any game is job done!
      I like Martinez, and haven't heard what he's had to say yet, but I imagine it will be complimentary for Spurs, even though they ran us close at the end!

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      • On a tangent, but crazy MotD2 stat: under Redknapp, our win percentage with King: 70-something (I think 73 - I was too stunned to take it in); win percentage without: 32%. It's something like 58 games he's played and 92 missed, so not miles apart (I should've written this before I forgot the stats shouldn't I...).

        On the one hand, I say retire him before he puts himself in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, on the other I say FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THE PERCENTAGE WITHOUT HIM UP!!!!!

        That is all.

    • good report as alway SB , got to wait till match of the day to see the goals.

      great to see us beat wolves and now wigan as our record against the teams that are normaly at the bottom end of the table.

      4 games scoring 6 and conceding only 1 that will do me.