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  • john john Sep 26, 2011 19:16 Flag

    wigan win!

    Given our style of play, I think BAE is perfect with linking up with Bale and Modric...he has got to be one of the best passing LB in the league, and I've said before that he should put the ball in the stand's sometimes rather than trying to make prats of the opposition, instead of making a prat of himself, but it all add's to the excitement ( nail chewing, bowel movement ) As for his comments, well theres no loyalty in most players nowadays...gone are the days when players would stay at the club they grew up dreaming of playing for, so we cant really expect foreigners to show loyalty, and as much as it grates to hear his comments, at least its honest and frank, instead of the usual drivel most make when they want too leave...as long as the cock ups are few and far between, I hope he stays for a long while yet...whether Rose developes into a PL class LB remains to be seen, but I wouldnt say he' better than BAE at this moment in time...