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    Man City in Europe

    Does anyone know what would happen if they finish 3rd in the group stage?

    Is there a chance that if they get dropped into the Europa League, is there a seeding system which makes it impossible for us to be drawn against any other English opposition?

    Because quite frankly, I'd love for them to fail in CL, get in Europa and for us to royally kill them.

    I'm actually laughing so much at how they are failing at the moment, If they keep crashing and burning it's only good for true football teams which aren't run by an arabs wallet.


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    • IMO- citehs problems in the dressing room are all of their own making, when you have a revolving door of highly paid 'stars' who have been enticed purely for financial reasons, this is the likely out come.

      As my man Biggie Smalls once said 'its like the more money we come across the more problems we see'- Citeh are a perfect example.

      No sympathy here! I hope everyone of their premaddona multimillionaires pulls a Tevez and refuses to play.

      How happy has Adebayour been since he left the middle eastlands?


    • I shall be singing louder than usual to account for any empty seats! - apparently tickets are avaliable for £15.

      Keeping Luka is fantastic, keeping Luka and keeping him performing as he has recently is a testament to him as a man. I must admit I given up any hope of keeping hold of him and I was fearful that if we did, we would regret doing so. His form and attitude have shown his quality as a footballer and as a person, although I'm sure his recent payrise helped aswell.

      On current form I would love to think that Adebayour would sign for us permanently, however I think breaking our wage structure to do so would be very risky and I cannot see him agreeing to such a significant wage drop, he currently bags in-excess of £140 a week, at best we would offer, what? £70k? 50% paycut! If we qualified for the CL then maybe, however I would still be stunned, when you consider his record.

      I understand your point that unless a big european club shows interest he might stay, but if he keeps this form up (which I hope he does) and we keep playing as we are, he has an amazing shop window and he will get interest! look at how many rumors circulated due to our star players performances last year!

      I am slightly more skeptical about the FFP! In theory it is long over due and should allow a fairer competition, however I just can't see how they will be able to enforce it properly, currently huge clubs like Real, Barca, Manure are all either in huge debt or have massive financial investment to achieve and maintain their level, until the 'big' boys are brought into line nothing will happen, those clubs would never be disqualified due to financial reasons imo.

      I will remain optomistic about our chances and happy knowing we are a club who has earned what we have achived, rather than just opening the cheque book to get progress.

      COYS- We're the south stand, we're the south stand, we're the south stand Tottenham! - just warming up!

    • Aye, if they come 3rd they come to Europa (I'm pretty sure of that), and I think we can meet them from QFs, but I wouldn't bank on us knocking them out. In fact, I'd say the odds are about 5-1 in their favour... and 'Arry would still play our 2nd stream.

      But keep living the dream, I'll do my best to join you!

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      • I wouldn't be so sure nbr - if they fall down to the ropey league with us then I think Mancini would lose interest and concentrate on cementing a top 4 place in the PL. If so he'd likely play a second string for remaining matches.

        Despite rumblings of discontent with his players, Mancini put out a pretty strong team tonight but by all accounts they were royally stuffed by Bayern. Didn't he boast they could win the group? Shades of the Werder Bremen manager in our group last season and look where it got him!