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  • not_blonde_really not_blonde_really Sep 27, 2011 23:55 Flag

    Man City in Europe

    Aye, if they come 3rd they come to Europa (I'm pretty sure of that), and I think we can meet them from QFs, but I wouldn't bank on us knocking them out. In fact, I'd say the odds are about 5-1 in their favour... and 'Arry would still play our 2nd stream.

    But keep living the dream, I'll do my best to join you!

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    • I wouldn't be so sure nbr - if they fall down to the ropey league with us then I think Mancini would lose interest and concentrate on cementing a top 4 place in the PL. If so he'd likely play a second string for remaining matches.

      Despite rumblings of discontent with his players, Mancini put out a pretty strong team tonight but by all accounts they were royally stuffed by Bayern. Didn't he boast they could win the group? Shades of the Werder Bremen manager in our group last season and look where it got him!

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      • Lets put our Man City roasting in context, would that have happend if King was playing? Would that have happend if Modric had the whole team in knots? [Because all of them we're affected by his stance to leave]

        I'd say the game would have been in the balance, even though at the time we still lacked a DM and a Striker. But, come to the away game at Etidhad stadium, I got a feeling if we keep this up, we can do them one.

        Our 2nd string would put up a fight against theirs, purely because ours have played together quite a bit, where as their second string is basically a bunch of unhappy stars or happy stars sitting on the bench happy to collect the 100,000+. Man City are already showing signs of frailties, Balotelli is sure to kick off sooner, Tevez is unhappy, Dzeko isn't looking so great now is he, Aguero is looking good but will he burn out?

        As for us, I hope true team football comes through, I really hate them with a passion.