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    White Hart Lane Regeneration

    Sorry to cut and paste but I found this article and found it very interetsing.

    BodyBoris Johnson today issued Tottenham Hotspur with a remarkable "take it or leave it" ultimatum to convince the football club to stay in north London.

    The Mayor gave Spurs chief Daniel Levy a stark warning that there is "no more money available from the public purse" to fund their regeneration plan.

    As the two sides met for crunch talks, he called on the club's chairman to accept a £17 million package from City Hall and Haringey council and drop a court battle to gain control of the Olympic stadium.

    Mr Johnson says the money offered will allow Spurs to press ahead with the £400million redevelopment of White Hart Lane rather than continue a judicial review over the 2012 arena, which has been awarded to West Ham United.

    A deal is on the table that will mean the Mayor's office will provide £8.5million for regeneration around the new 56,250-seat stadium development.

    Mr Johnson's senior aides, Sir Edward Lister and Sir Peter Rogers, today met Tottenham chiefs and insiders said there was hope that a deal would be reached.

    A source close to the negotiations said: "There is an extremely generous deal on the table. This is a sizeable chunk of public money. We cannot understand why the club is dragging its feet if it claims to be committed to the area.

    "If they don't take it we will start exploring other options and talking to other people."

    Haringey council would provide a further £8.5 million for improvements around the new ground - meaning the club would be relieved of the "planning gain" requirements that are often associated with large scale developments.

    The club was last week given official planning permission to go ahead with the project by Haringey, but is still pressing ahead with a court battle over the award of the Olympic Stadium.

    In a significant intervention Mr Johnson today told the Standard: "Tottenham Hotspur has long been an integral part of the community and by staying true to its roots the club now has the power to revolutionise an area of the capital that has been neglected for far too long. Last month's riots were a telling reminder of just how important it is for Spurs to press ahead with the development at Northumberland Park and to help kick-start a much wider regeneration project that would create jobs and give Tottenham the economic boost it deserves.

    "The club knows there is no more money available from the public purse and I sincerely hope that they accept the offer we have made. It is not just in the best interests of Tottenham Hotspur and the fans of this great London club, but of the wider north London community. "

    City Hall and Spurs were extremely close to reaching a settlement with City Hall but it fell through just before last month's High Court hearing at which the club was given permission to launch a full judicial review.

    That hearing is currently still scheduled for October 18.

    A Tottenham source said today's meeting "is part of several taking place".

    I really hope we can crack on with sorting WHL out now, the sooner the better. I understand the financial arguement of he Olympic stadium but thankfully finances aren't everything!


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    • I read this too Joe and to be honest I think they were never 100% serious about leaving North London. I think the Council asked too much in the first place so Spurs called their bluff.

      Now I just wish they would get it sorted and start building the damn thing.

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      • You and me both Sfer-

        The sooner the better, this contry is crying out for positive development and regeneration of an area which has been overlooked for a generation. If managed in the right way this could be inspirational for other areas in need of updating.

        I am brimming with positivity about this, I imagine Levy would be superb at heading up this type of development work, dispite his obvious tighfistedness he is an exceptional businessman and I can imagine him grabbing any developer by the short and curlies should they try and over charge him.

        COYS - Bring on the Sham!!