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  • benidorm spur benidorm spur Sep 29, 2011 22:38 Flag

    fair result

    great game to watch tonight, thought shamrock players and fans were great.

    thought we played well first half and it was only a matter fo time before we scored and the players knew this. the addition of townsend really sparked us into life and i thought he was a real live wire and between him and gio won us the game.

    a good performance all round , the only thing i have to pick up on is pav and bassong i can say that they are just not good enough.
    pav- he just doesnt do enough to warrent a place, he scored a good header but missed a sack full and wastes the ball too much.
    bassong- clumsey and is lucky to have pace to get him out of trouble. he doesnt have any kind of decent passing or awareness. not good enough.

    lovedwatching walker , gio and townsend run at the rovers and thought charlie was solid at the back .

    great to see daffy scoring and his tackle , run and pass for gios goal was brilliant. arry was right to start him and hopefully he will be sharpe for sunday.

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