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  • Gilley Gilley Oct 11, 2011 01:43 Flag

    Looney Rooney

    England's fortunes are wrapt up with the likes of Mr Rooney; someone with abundant skill and zero character, and he's not the only one in the established group of England regulars.Its time to put country and football ahead of ambition and self-glorification.

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    • Pretty much most of the team lack character and umph.

      Rio - Lost it in the last 2 years, slower, drop him now.
      Terry - Still a great leader, but it's time to get a newer model who doesn't resort to tearing or chopping down the attacker.
      A.Cole - Okay, he still put's in a great shift even though he's a tosser, but Baines is raring to go and I'm sure he's more passionate as we've seen at Everton.
      G. Johnson - Time to go, over-rated and lazy, Walker in, Kelly as back up.
      G. Barry - Absolute crud, scored 1 okay goal for Man City, but he's not up to the standard of Parker.
      Carrick - What is he doing with his life? Can't tackle, Man United seem to play worse with him and not good enough for England.
      Walcott - Adam Johnson to replace him, he's had way too many years to prove himself and a one off hat-rick does not make up for that.
      Rooney - He's shown great ability at times for United, but has never really shown that desire or talent for England, time running out with his temper as well?

      - My favoured team -

      Walker King Cahill Baines
      Parker Cleverly
      Johnson Rooney Young

      For now, there's plenty of other strikers who we would do better with in a 4-4-2 such as Defoe + Crouch, Zamora + Bent etc... but it's not looking good for english strikers.