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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 14, 2011 09:42 Flag

    Rooney Ban

    I wouldn't take him. He is a thug - ok a thug that has got a little bit better at controlling his temper than before - but still a mindless, ignorant, over rated thug. And because of that he is a liability.

    Teach him a lesson and leave him out. Actually, would he learn any lesson from being left out? Probably not, he is too thick and too rich to worry about it. Take Welbeck instead. He is proving himself a goal scorer who works hard and gives a lot more than goals to the team. And he won't get sent off for fighting.

    Is England treated differently? Maybe or is it just Rooney? FIFA know what he is like (they have seen it many times before haven't they) so this reaction is a culmination not a one off. You can't argue he doesn't deserve it.

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    • i agree with sfer....he is a ticking time bomb liable to go off at any moment......he doesn't seemed to have learnt anything from past experiences.....we could finish up with 10 men at any time.......

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      • I can't and won't argue that he dosen't deserve a ban, he does, what he did was a sending off not matter how you look at it.

        However I do feel he has been hit harder, either because he's English or because he's Rooney, UEFA's ban on Arseshaving set the tone, why is Rooney being punished more.

        I thought Rooney had only been sent off once for England in the past?! when he stood on Carvalho(sp), I know that Rooneys discipline has been questionable in the past, but for England this hasn't happened for some time. Do you remember how good he was in the last Euros before he got injured? he was one of the best players at the tournement.

        We have other players who will score for us, but in most tournements we have at least 2-3 players who never kick a ball, I would take Rooney instead of a 4-5 choice striker/forward, imagine the impact he could have if he was brought on?

        IMO he is the only English player who could walk into any team in the world, he is leagues ahead of most of the strikers in the EPL!