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  • john john Oct 14, 2011 15:26 Flag

    Rooney Ban

    A 3 match ban for a straight red card I thought is standard, especially if its for violent conduct as Rooneys was ( it wasnt a tackle, it was a definate kick, albeit not hard ), so I think the FA should just accept it, rather than risk an extra game ban...My main concern is that everyones saying Rooney is vital and we will struggle without him...what sort of message does that give the rest of the squad, that no-one can replace him? even Harry came out and said our odds of winning Euros has gone from 8-1 to 20-1 all because Rooneys out ( bloody ridiculous comment from the likely next England manager )...As to whether we should take him, I would say yes, but if whoevers playing at the time, and if doing well, then he shouldnt automatically come straight back in, I think that should apply to all players...