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  • Layla Layla Oct 14, 2011 16:47 Flag

    Rooney Ban

    rooney is talented but a liability in the major international comps. he can't handle his temper & gets frustrated.
    he also can't handle the pressure either.

    he either freezes under the pressure & plays awfully like the last WC or he gets frustrated & loses his temper & gets himself sent off like in the last euros.

    there is no evidence to suggest he will ever handle playing in a big major internation competition apart from some good performances in the group stages of the euros before last but don't forget that wasnt against any of the major nations.

    3 match ban is standard practice for violent conduct.
    i do think england get mistreated by FIFA but not on this occasion.

    if FIFA do hate us, i hardly think they are worried about us winning something!

    as for rooney walking in to any team? hardly think barca would take a stupid angry yob like rooney.

    my issue is what has rooney got to do to be dropped?!
    he was woeful for 3 games against average teams in the WC & still didnt get dropped.

    now he has banned for all the group games because of his own weak stupid mind & surely we still cant take him!

    maybe he will have to mix the awful WC performances with his temper & anger red cards before england even consider dropping him after a ban!

    thats part of our problem, we are so slow at dropping big names.