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  • Sfer Sfer Oct 17, 2011 14:33 Flag

    Rooney Ban

    Livermore was a disappointment for me yesterday. Didn't really see anything of him apart from the tackle that led to the penalty.

    Not sure what you have seen in Carrol that I have missed. He seems to me to be a typical big thick CF who wins balls he shouldn't in the hope that they will fall to him or a team mate. Nothing wrong with that in itself but if you look at where football is going in the World it is for smaller more agile, cleverer strikers.

    I am not saying Rooney is not a good player. If he was not such a thug and didn't get himself sent off so often/easily I would want him in the England squad every time BUT he is a thug who does get himself sent off too often and on that basis I think others have a moral shout to be ahead of him in selection terms.

    I agree the future looks good with a good few young players coming through and they play short passing games (Wilshire) and that is the way forward IMO.I think we should have bloodied these youngsters in the national team earlier so that now they would have had a few games under their belts and looking to the Euro's with confidence. Players like Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand, Terry etc should have been retired after the last major debacle giving us time to prepare the future players for a big tournament.