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  • Joe Joe Oct 13, 2011 21:56 Flag

    Rooney Ban

    Three match ban despite him accepting his card without all the usual shouting ans swearing, even Stark (the ref who carded him) said he had dealt with the dismissal in the right way, yet he gets three game ban!

    Arseshaving got sent off for a very similar inccident before the world cup and he gets a two game ban!

    Am I being papanoid or is there one set of punishments for English players and another set for everyone else?

    Did anyone else notice some of the challenges that the Montenegians (sp) were putting in on Wellbeck?!

    Do we take him? if he can't play until the quarters if we get that far, do we take someone else instead?

    IMO he is our best player by far, he has to come even if that means Crouch/Bent miss out.


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    • I hate to say it, but I wouldn't put it beyond the realms of possibility that Rooney did it on purpose to get banned and therefore a rest from International duty until the 'important' games.

      But then that could just be my cynical side.

      "Up the Arse!"

      (If Joe can do it on our board;-))

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      • I love cynicism, so no complaints here!

        I think you may be giving Rooney to much credit, ok he's a great footballer, but he could quite easily be the missing link.

        For him to intentionally get banned, would take two braincells to work at once. I have it on good information that Coleen had the other Rooney braincell that night.

        But, would you take him? not 'up the arse', oh dear this could get confusing, ha ha.


    • I wouldn't take him. He is a thug - ok a thug that has got a little bit better at controlling his temper than before - but still a mindless, ignorant, over rated thug. And because of that he is a liability.

      Teach him a lesson and leave him out. Actually, would he learn any lesson from being left out? Probably not, he is too thick and too rich to worry about it. Take Welbeck instead. He is proving himself a goal scorer who works hard and gives a lot more than goals to the team. And he won't get sent off for fighting.

      Is England treated differently? Maybe or is it just Rooney? FIFA know what he is like (they have seen it many times before haven't they) so this reaction is a culmination not a one off. You can't argue he doesn't deserve it.

    • Joe,
      Livermore was a disappointment for me yesterday. Didn't really see anything of him apart from the tackle that led to the penalty.

      Not sure what you have seen in Carrol that I have missed. He seems to me to be a typical big thick CF who wins balls he shouldn't in the hope that they will fall to him or a team mate. Nothing wrong with that in itself but if you look at where football is going in the World it is for smaller more agile, cleverer strikers.

      I am not saying Rooney is not a good player. If he was not such a thug and didn't get himself sent off so often/easily I would want him in the England squad every time BUT he is a thug who does get himself sent off too often and on that basis I think others have a moral shout to be ahead of him in selection terms.

      I agree the future looks good with a good few young players coming through and they play short passing games (Wilshire) and that is the way forward IMO.I think we should have bloodied these youngsters in the national team earlier so that now they would have had a few games under their belts and looking to the Euro's with confidence. Players like Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand, Terry etc should have been retired after the last major debacle giving us time to prepare the future players for a big tournament.

    • rooney is talented but a liability in the major international comps. he can't handle his temper & gets frustrated.
      he also can't handle the pressure either.

      he either freezes under the pressure & plays awfully like the last WC or he gets frustrated & loses his temper & gets himself sent off like in the last euros.

      there is no evidence to suggest he will ever handle playing in a big major internation competition apart from some good performances in the group stages of the euros before last but don't forget that wasnt against any of the major nations.

      3 match ban is standard practice for violent conduct.
      i do think england get mistreated by FIFA but not on this occasion.

      if FIFA do hate us, i hardly think they are worried about us winning something!

      as for rooney walking in to any team? hardly think barca would take a stupid angry yob like rooney.

      my issue is what has rooney got to do to be dropped?!
      he was woeful for 3 games against average teams in the WC & still didnt get dropped.

      now he has banned for all the group games because of his own weak stupid mind & surely we still cant take him!

      maybe he will have to mix the awful WC performances with his temper & anger red cards before england even consider dropping him after a ban!

      thats part of our problem, we are so slow at dropping big names.

    • I agree with SB about Rooney seemingly not being able to produce the goods for his country when he shines for his club. I may be castigated from on high for saying it, but what a shame old bacon face isn't England manager - he'd never be afraid to drop a player if they're not performing, as he did with Rooney (and others) last season at Manure. It seemed to have worked wonders because he came back firing on all cylinders didn't he.

      I'm afraid I have no sympathy with Rooney for what he did and he fully deserves his 3-match ban. So I read, he got 3 matches because he'd already picked up 2 yellows in the qualifying games, whereas Arseshaving didn't hence he only got a 2-match ban. Either way the FA should accept it and move on. That said, if they do challenge it and the ban is extended to 4 games then it's game over for Rooney and frankly Capello would be mad to have him in the squad at all - not least because he'd take the place of a player who could genuinely offer something, unlike Walnut a few years ago when Ericsson was too scared to take a risk on him - and boy did we suffer then because there were no recognisable strikers to do the biz when Rooney injured his foot and Daffy was left at home! - but that's another story girls and boys. Lesson learned? Doubtful, but time will tell.

      If the ban stays at 3 games and the question of whether Rooney should go to the Euros next year, I'm of the opinion that whoever takes his place should be given a proper chance and that if we qualify well from the group stages the team that got us there should continue in that vein, albeit against stronger opposition. We all saw what happened to Spurs when 'Arry changed the team for the Manure game to accommodate Sgt Wilson's return from suspension and we promptly lost after a good winning streak.

      One man does not an England team make, and the sooner Rooney (and others) realises that the better. Sturridge, Welbeck and Carroll (!) should spearhead our attack, or perhaps dear old Crouchie and/or Daffy will get another chance.

    • You've a good memory. SB, though slightly selective if you don't mind me saying so! Crosses, passes and assists go unnoticed. The saviour bit was was the winning late free-kick for us to qualify against Greece was it? But Becks is one of those you either rate or hate, I'm afraid. There was a time when I didn't like him simply because Darren Anderton used to get booed by the England fans because they thought he was a keeping the young DB out, but it turned out they played very well together! But I've always thought he was one of England's better players, and Rooney should be as well.I wonder why it is that the likes of Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard, etc. can play so well consistently for their clubs but seem to freeze for their country, because not many could deny they are all superb individual players! Any theories? I don't think it's because they're not interested in playing for England, or else they could have all taken the Scholes/Shearer option! Interesting team selection, SB...very new-look England!

    • David Beckham let us down once, and he suffered abuse for months afterwards - why? Because he was so good! When he got back in, he duly became the saviour of England and was never booed again...by anyone.

      im not so sure that he was that good for england in the big competitions john. he ruined france 98 by getting sent off.
      euro 2000 knocked out in group stages. 2002 scored a pen yes but all else i remember is him wimping out of a challenge which lead to a brazil breakaway goal & he did nothing else of note.
      2004 missed a pen in the shoot out, he scores it then we win.
      2006 scored a winning free kick against ecuador, anything else of note?nope.

      not a record of someone who was sooooooo good for england in my opinion. but fair enough, if playing well against the weak teams make u soooooooo good than so be it.