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  • Joe Joe Oct 19, 2011 17:06 Flag

    No Relegation - No Promotion

    I'm sure most of you have heard the suggestions be banned about by Richard Bevan- LMA chief.

    There have been suggestions from some clubs owners that they'd like to see Relegation/Promotion scrapped and have fixed leagues, with no movement.

    I'm sure they would, that way their club/asset would be very unlikely to depreciate.

    Surely this would never happen and it has been 'put out there' by Richard Bevan as a way of 'testing the water' to gather the opinions of football fans.

    IMO it would be a tragedy if this was introduced, I love the theory that any team could get into the EPL, surely this would kill the aspirations of many teams?

    Does anyone think this would be a good idea? - I'd love to hear your views.


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    • I would have thought you Spurs fans would have thought this a fantastic idea!


    • a very bad idea entirely motivated by losing the golden treasure chest known as Premier league.....it would mean that that nail biting crucial games at the end of the season would not happen.....so you lose ...so what...you don't get relegated.....bad b ad idea...

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      • Really can't see it happening in my lifetime. When would it come into play? What year? Who decides? What teams get to stay and what teams are left out - forever?

        Nah, maybe it was just a flash in the pan idea some greedy g1t came up with or maybe it was just a shot across the bows of the stupid idiots that pay all these millions to the PL to say watch out and give us even more or we might leave. Who knows!

        Anyway, it would end up in a stale league - like the Scottish PL with only two winners - and that would mean lower gates and therefore less money. Nah, the money men won't like that.

        I can see more games being played in other countries though. If Abromovich wants to play Citeh in a two leg match abroad and if he has anyway of manipulating that, it will happen at some point in the future.