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  • Joe Joe Oct 30, 2011 19:24 Flag

    3-1 to the Tottenham

    Today we dominated the first half, we started so well and could have scored with the first attack of the game.

    Our one/two touch passing was joyful to watch, we had passages of play where I lost count at 26 passes without losing possession, on another day we would have been 4-0 up by half time.

    I can't help getting nervous before fixtures that we should be winning. On paper we would win this game all day long, but we always seem to have the potential to slip up.

    The start of the second half we went through twenty minutes for playing pretty poorly, maybe QPR just upped their game, but we could have conceded more than one.

    I thought VDV played well, I can completely understand why he comes in for some criticism, he isn't the quickest and even today he was dropping very deep at times, but he is class and on another day he would have scored more. It was great to see Lennon play well, some really intelligent football for him which led to two assists, I'm delighted for him. Bale was immense....again, his second goal was beautiful and if it had been scored by Barcelona the footballing world have been raving. If you haven't seen it yet! MOTD will be a treat, quality!

    I'm obviously hugely biased, but is there a better right back in the league than Kyle Walker? Richards-maybe.

    For me Parker was rightfully man of the match, he tackled everything that moved and his work rate was superb, my only question is, where are the all black boots Scotty? IMO Parker's work rate and effort is what allowed us dominate the first half.

    A great game, with 20 mins of slight edginess, which probably made it more interesting for the neutral.

    I think we are now level on points with the Chavs with a game in hand, happy days!

    COYS!!!!!- Oh When The Spurs!!!!!

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    • How many more times will VDV try that long ball over the top to Ade? He gave away possession at least 5 times in the 2nd half trying to make the nearly identical pass each time....

      I wish Spurs would just put these teams away. Could have been 3 or 4 goals at half. Sooner or later, not putting these games to bed will cause us to drop some potentially crucial points.

      And also on VDV, I don't know what this deal is about warning to the Gunners. It'd be best not to give them any extra motivation. While I do think Spurs are the better squad, I'd rather see mouth kept shut and results on the pitch.

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      • VDV did try that ball a lot didn't he! mind you it very nearly came off once or twice. IMO it shows the confidence of the player, which must be key for the way he plays.

        I wouldn't have be surprised if we had been 4-0 up by half time, we created so many chnaces! on another day Ade would have bagged a couple at least. I know what you mean though, we need to get more clinical, mind you we had over 20 shots on goal! We're not going to convert everything!

        IMO VDV is having some friendly banter with our colinder like neighbours, whilst its amusing to read I wish he hadn't, it lines us up for some serious abuse from the goons should they do what they haven't managed in 2 years in the EPL.

        Goons V Chavs saw some of the worst defending I have seen in years!


    • I shouldn't doubt 'arry - I thought Parker was mediocre at best before he joined, but if he can emulate that performance for the rest of the season, then he'll have to be one of 'arry's best buys.
      VdV as well. Fine he scored, but the goal apart, I thought his performance was far better overall.
      If Ade can now bag a few (and Daffy when he plays) - and if Lennon can start scoring a couple on a regular basis, then it will start to look good.

      The 'pundits' on the box (Sunday Supplement) were also talking about us potentially breaking the top 3. Blinkey-blimey - let's not go overboard this early in the season. Come the other side of Chrimbo though, if we've maintained the winning ways, then the team look as good as Woolwich and the Chavs - I'd even say Utd haven't looked overly good so far either - then maybe a top four could be on the cards again.

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      • I agree with you John- its too early to get over excited, finishing in the top 4 would be huge for us, but lets not get ahead of ourselves, we are only one third of our way through the season. Whilst it has been a good start, we are just getting going!

        BTY- I agree, pre Harry we could quite easily have lost the game when they got it back to 2-1, it shows me how far we've come. I still get so nervous during those periods, almost to the extent that I don't want to watch! weird!!

        I think the style of football we play will always leave us slightly vulnerable, the way that we attack from every position will mean that on occasion we are left exposed, but by god its exciting to watch. I would much rather we played so that for nintey minutes I'm on the verge of needing resuscitation, never dull!

        1/2 class players away from being a very special team indeed,

        Bale Luka Parker Lennon, Can anyone name a stronger midfield 4?


    • I'm not saying it's just his impact, but pre-Redknapp we'd probably have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the second half - times like that show our true place in the PL I think; still work to do, and the Manchester teams (and in the old days Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool - less so now) would rarely get as messy as we did for such a prolonged period, but we've clearly advanced a lot as we played 'gritty' when necessary and got the win in style.

      Good game all round, some really classy football in there and the ever important 3 points. My only additional wish would have been a clean sheet; our GD looks alright, but when you bare in mind the 8 shipped against Mancs and there being 3 or 4 clean sheets out of 9 games it's even better. I'm bring picky about the clean sheet as I think it will help cement faith in our "attack from defense" style.

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      • Loved the game today. Like Joe, I was apprehensive, because I thought it was pivotal on the way our season would go...start dropping points against newly promoted sides and confidence wanes! But we didn't, and we were as convincing as we should have been. If not for their excellent 'keeper it would have been a slaughter! Pleased with Lennon and Bale, they both showed they have more than raw pace, they have a touch and a passing game, which they used to good effect today. Would like to have seen Daffy come on for Ade after about seventy, just to change it up front a little bit, Ade played OK, but he looked just a touch off the pace. Scott Parker was so good, I don't think there is a more skillful tackler about, QPR midfield were given no time at all on the ball by him. There was a spell after half-time when they scored and started to get at us a bit, when we looked really rattled, but once we calmed down, normal service was resumed! vdV has been proving me wrong lately, I'm still not sure about him, but his goal record speaks volumes about his value! 3-1 was good enough, but most of all I like the style and pace we played with. There's not a better side than Spurs to watch in the Prem when we play like this! Nope. Not one.