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  • Joe Joe Oct 31, 2011 09:55 Flag

    Rafael van der Faart

    BTY- I hope agaent H is being sarcastic, because some of us have bemoaned VDV workrate/positioning. I have been guilty of it myself, but none the less VDV is a superb player.


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    • Sure he looked like a world-beater against QPR. But against teams like United, City, Chelsea he won't be allowed that freedom and will look slightly more average.

      Good performance from him, he did look a bit tired towards the 60/70 minute mark, I would have loved Daffy to come on the bench and bang one in to give Harry some food for thought.

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      • Eazy G- VDV won't be the right choice for every opponent and Defoe will IMO be a better choice when we are forced to work harder.

        However, IMO VDV's skill is undeniable, he is a quality player having an option of Defoe/Adebayor/VDV is a very good thing, they all have different things to offer. In fact all our strikers have been impressive in their recent games, which is a dramatic improvement from the end of last season when they all stunk the place out.

        Our squad is IMO undoubtedly stronger than last year! Parker is well on his way to becoming a Fave! long may the form last!!!