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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Oct 31, 2011 18:55 Flag


    Greetings Yiddish folk!

    Tiss Fab here,fresh from watching the MIGHTY Arsenal THUMP Chelski at Stamford bridge and doing so by being the first team to score FIVE goals there for 22 years! Wonderful stuff.

    Still....you all knew that.

    What i am wondering whilst i write is this....

    Why is it that the Spurs club members continually refer to Arsenal? Redknapp seems to do it week in week out and now VDV is going on about Arsenal too!


    I rarely see Arsenal players commenting on Spurs unless there is a derby.

    Also.....i note Spurs are supposedly looking in good health of late so.......where do you lot think you'll end up?

    Are you really better than my BELOVED Arsenal?? If so...why are Spurs the better team this season??????

    Do you believe that come the end of the season Spurs will end up above the better half of north London (for the first time in centuries) or what???

    Tiss going to be emotional.

    You can count on that!

    Feel free to totally ignore me.

    Fab (the apple of 'KM's eye).

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    • begs the question, why is an Arsenal fan always on the Spurs message boards? Guess we naturally have a fascination with our closest enemies. Either Harry is a closet Arsenal fan or he is using reverse psychology to keep his players on their toes. Wouldn't put it past him, he is a master of mind games.

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      • The answer to your question Fab is that you, being an Ar$e fan, are always looking out for things related to your club and therefore think that Arry or VDV, or anybody else who happens to mention them, has nothing else to talk about whereas in fact they are talking about other teams in equal measure.

        A few years ago the marketing manager of Jaguar told me that they don't spend £1000's every year trying to get people to buy Jag's - they do it so that the current Jag owners think they have the best car and buy another one next time.

        Secondly, there is every chance we could finish above you this year and the fact that you have asked the question shows that you think it could happen as well. Chelski self imploded which led to a very unusual scoreline. Ar$e still have some very deep flaws and teams with the right attitude will still take points from them. Not saying that won't happen to us as well, just that we do have a very real chance of being above you come the end of the season.

        The real question is - how would you handle that??

    • I think that if VDV was asked for his opinion, then good on him for giving it.

      I'd be more concerned if he said the opposite.

      Harry talks to the media alot, but not especially your lot.

      We're doing fine, I would have thought you'd be too busy celebrating to notice. On current form I think top four is possible.

      The league shows we have been better than your beloved, sorry to break it to you, tissue?

      I think we have kept our best players and added wisely. Keeping Luka was huge and unexpected if i'm be honest, Parker is a perfect addition to our midfield, which is Serious by the way!

      Bale Luka Parker Lennon, not many better IMO.

      You have sold some of your better players/captain and imo have not replaced with the same quality or quantity. You struggled to get started because you bought so late in the transfer market.
      Sadly I think you'll probably up your game now.

      I think we are pretty evenly matched without injuries, although I think we have more quality in depth

      I think we could finish above you this season, injuries and transfer windows will play a big part but IF we can maintain this form why not?, could you handle it?

      I'd be interested in hearing you answer your own questions.

      Emotional as ever, traumatic actually.