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  • john john Nov 2, 2011 17:42 Flag

    I Wish Harry Rednapp a speedy recovery

    just got home and shocked to hear of Harrys op...great to hear all went well, and hope he's back in the dug-out soon...
    Lubov. no true football fan would wish ill of any teams personel, apart from a muscle strain or like to their key players when were about to play them...been reading comments from other club supporters and its great to see theres some genuine respect,,thanks...

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    • I always have respect for Harry Rednapp or any of our rivals event Adebayor yes a lot of arsenals fans are still hurting from Adebayor leave but at the end of the days their is a thin line between football and going over the top.And I am glad Harry Rednapp Heart OP went okay.