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  • sledge sledge Nov 10, 2011 13:04 Flag

    John Terry and the Golden Oldies

    As far as i'm concerned, we are long overdue an overhaul of our national side.
    Our so called "Golden Generation" have repeatedly underperformed, underachieved and been overpaid and overhyped.
    Time to bin the lot of them and start afresh!
    The new squad members won't learn anything valuable from the old lot! And if anything they will be tainted if they play alongside them in the National side.
    Terry, Rio, Lampard, Gerrard, Rooney, Cashley... etc never could get to grips with international football, so what's to learn from them except failure!?!

    It's just a shame we have Capello for one more tournament as he'll pick a few of the young'uns and subject them to his ridiculous squad selection and farcical tactics.

    We need a new manager now who'll boot out the "Bling Generation" and polish the gems we have now.

    ps: this comment was brought to you by De Beers ;)