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    Gareth Bale to Barcelona?????

    Let's talk

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    • football transfers are far too complex for this simplistic idea!

    • I can see problems when the 2 parties don't agree.
      Say the club buys a player for £20M on a four year contract. Half way thru the first season he has a drop in form and doesn't recover. At the end of the first season the club realises they have bought someone who doesn't fit into thier way of playing.
      How do they get the player to drop his price, so the club can sell on quickly, when he is happy with weekly wage and overpriced value?
      In this scenario what would Chelsea do with Torres?

    • Joe,
      I'm not sure that you can link any valuation to what the player does on the pitch. That would be fraught with problems IMHO. I would keep it to a simple valuation agreed by the club and player himself. Tevez couldn't then say '....oh, their holding me as a slave as they want £40m for me...', as he would have agreed to that figure in the first place.
      In reality the proposal isn't any different to selling anything. There aren't many places where the value of something isn't known until you go to buy it - it's like going back to 'haggling' - great in markets for hookey watches, but not so clever for multi-million pound players.

      Agents would still exist - as they would presumably still be used by players in negotiating the terms in the contract.

    • Good man Rambr0! Wasn't on the board yesterday to check if you behaved though ... ;-)

      I reckon Tevez is in self-destruct mode - I read somewhere that Citeh would be well within their rights to stop paying him for breach of contract all the while sitting on his registration to ensure he can't go elsewhere. Win-win for them, lose-lose for Tevez if he carries that on. Even the PFA seem to have realised he's scored an own goal (forgive the pun!).

    • Villa has been linked with Liverpool?!?!

      I agree with you SB, I can't see him leave Spain, unless Citeh come for him!? Tevez has made his feelings clear and will almost certainly not play fot them again, leaving the poor souls with Dzeko, Balotelli and Aguero, how will they cope?

      As Rambro pointed out in another post Villa and Silva were class at Valencia, reuniting them at Citeh could make perfect sense.

      In theory that would leave a deal for Tevez to Barca wide open! except that one of Tevez has issues with Messi! He is viewed poorly incomparison by the argentine media and public and as we have seen with E'eto/ Ibrahimovich/Bojan/Villa, CF's struggle to play with Messi.

      Barca are built to serve Messi, I don't think there is room for Tevez ego at Barcelona and his well documented hissy fits wouldn't be recieved well by Pepe Guardiola (sp) who fell out with E'eto/Ibrahimovich for similar (but far less serious) occurances.



    • I like the idea John,

      its seems like a credible way of detering tapping up and controlling agents, who IMO are one of the most unmonitored and detestible things in the modern game.

      If a players value was linked to some kind of points index, where by goals/assists/passes/tackles were scored, the players importance/value could be monitored relatively easily. If the player was then given a percentage of any transfer fee, because the fee was linked to how he perfomed it could help prevent players from engineering moves, as Tevez is obviously doing.

      I think it would also prevent clubs counter-sigining players(buying to prevent a rival from making the signing), it would also mean if a player was signed and benched, either through lack of form a change of management, then their value would drop and the move would be far easier.

      Now I struggling to se why this hasn't already happened?! What am I missing?

      As ever COYS!

    • I would say that each re-negotiation of the contract sets a value that both club and player are happy with. So if a player becomes important to a club, they have to realise that their 'sell' value increases. Conversely, as a player becomes of lesser importance, their sell value goes down - making it easier for players to move on.

      To me, something along those lines would stop all these super long contracts that neither club nor player has any intention of upholding.

      Modric may then have re-negotiated a 4 year deal with a sell value of say £35m. If then a club comes in with that as an offer and Modric is happy to go, then the club can't stand in the way. Also, if after a year (or whatever period) into the contract, the club feels the player has a higher 'sell' value, then they have to re-negotiate the contract with the player and (obviously) persuade him somehow (with a higher salary or bonus or promise of ...) that signing to a higher value is in his interest.

      If the sell values were published - like house prices or any other 'commodity' - then all the current valuation hassle is avoided. As, IMHO, it matters not a jot what the 'buying' club values a player at (ie if Barca want Bale to sit him on a bench) - it's what the selling club thinks that is important (and also obviously what the player is happy with as a value) - ie to Spurs trying to get CL football, if Bale/Modric are what as seen as the difference between 8th and 4th place, then they are worth millions more to Spurs than to a club who has already achieved CL football who may want to buy the player.

      What value then also, someone like Tevez who could be the difference between a club staying in the PL and dropping out?

    • I agree there should be a brokerage body for transfers, but at what stage do you set a value on a player?..If you set it at the beginning of the contract on a promising young player, say £15m, then he goes on to prove top class after 2-3 years into his contract, then what? ...As for Bale going to Barca, I cant see it happening....his strength is his pace and crossing ability, whereas Barca like to play through the middle as they have no target man up front for wingers to hit...I think RM are a more likely destination fore Bale in the summer if we dont qualify for the CL...

    • I still think the only way to stop this 'tapping' is to set up a central brokerage where a player's 'value' is registered. The value should echo what is in the players contract. The value in the contract should be agreed by both club and player as their 'sell' value.
      The buying or offering club then register their interest via the brokerage by making an offer of at least that 'sell' value.

      Any comment or approach by a club can then be viewed as tapping or not.

      As for whether Bale should go is one question at a personal level and whether the club should sell him is another. I've been encouraging my kids to experience all they can while they're young - go abroad, travel. BUT, if Bale's love is playing football, then in this case he's got to weigh up the chances of actually getting pitch time where ever he goes. It's ok getting medals - but look at Berbatov - what a waste of talent that was. Sits on the bench. So my advice here would be to stay at Spurs unless he's actually guaranteed playing time (which I doubt any club will do) - he's a big fish now for us.
      As for whether Spurs should/would sell him - that's just a financial question. I obviously don't know 'arry or Levy's minds, but I would guess that they both have a theoretical 'sell' value on him already (I would assume they have that for all the players in loose terms). It's whether they both agree and whether a club is willing to pay it.

    • villa wants to stay in spain.

      i do think tevez would give something barca lack. a physical presence upfront would give them another option.

      bale will eventually leave & hopefully it will be abroad. he seems an open minded guy who would test himself abroad.
      more british players should try it.

      but hopefully we will have him for the next 3 or 4 yrs at least!

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