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    Gareth Bale to Barcelona?????

    Let's talk

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    • I think any player would be tempted by such a move.... but for 35million, no way it happens. If this rumor is true, it is more of an attempt to unsettle Bale then a move to get him.... If he actually was ever sold for this price (the same as Andy Carroll) I will quit watching the sport

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      • 1 you wouldn't stop watching the sport don't be silly
        2 Bale is just 1 of a new breed of player who can now just kick the ball past his marker and run like hell, Walker can do it just as well, it won't be long before every team has 2 or 3 like it, the game is a lesser place now no one's allowed to tackle !! Cliff Jones was better than Bale and he had half the opposition trying to chop him in half, now that was worth watching !!

      • Remember last season when both Inter and Real Madrid were allegedly preparing a bid? At the time Bale said that he would love to play abroad for such clubs but didn't think it was the time to leave Spurs so that was for a few years hence.

        In any case, factor in his long contract and we hold the upper hand - just as we did with Modric in the summer. I don't think Bale would agitate for a move either so all Danny boy has to do is sit firm and ride out the storm as he did admirably with Modric.

        But the grass isn't always greener at these mega-European clubs. Look at vdV's time at Real Madrid compared to now with us, and I'm sure there are others who've been in the same situation.

        I think it's too soon for Bale to move abroad, and he needs a couple more years with us to really hone his skills before moving on. And when he goes abroad I'll wish him all the best :-)

    • to me it comes down to two choices.....either we are a selling club where money comes before ambition....or we are a ambitious club that wants success.....we shall see....

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      • You surprise me Derek. We all know it is not always down to the club if a player wants to move on for whatever reason. OK we held on to Modric but we were in the driving seat on that one.

        There will be others that we are not and the player is in control. In those circumstances the club has to take a commercial view and sometimes it is right to sell and get more money rather than have a player who really does not want to be at the club.

        I think Spurs made a big statement the way they dealt with Modric and because of that we cannot be called a selling club. That does not mean we might not sell good players in the future but if we do it will be because that is in the best interests of the club. Even hugely strong teams like Manure have sold stars in the past. Look at Ronaldo. Does that mean Manure are a selling club?

    • I'd swap if we could have his former Valencia team mate, now at Man City, David Silva...they were a formiddable pairing at Valencia and Villa is missing Silva immensely (sort of)...

      Of course that wouldn't, couldn't happen (hmm, unless we offloaded Modric to City?????).

      Ok, you know me, always over the top with the hypothetical stuff...stop tempting me like that!

    • Oh do behave Rambr0! (a tongue-in-cheek reprimand in case you didn't realise ;-)). Surely even you realise that the only way Villa and Silva will be reunited is when Citeh put in a mega bid for him ... and I wouldn't totally discount that considering that money will be no object.

      If he did go to Citeh it would show he's only in it for the money as he sure as hell can't guarantee to be in the starting line-up week-in-week-out without ruffling more than a few feathers among Aguerro, Dzeko and Balotelli. Say what you like about the plethora of talent at Mancini's disposal, he can't keep them all happy all of the time so some of them will get antsy about being benched a lot of the time.

      Resist the temptation good sir! Bale will not go to Barcelona (or Real or Inter or AC Milan) until we think he's good and ready to go, as I believe said in my earlier post on the subject ;-)

    • Reprimand received (I had that coming for that flight of fancy)! Dzeko, Aguero, Balotelli...you forgot the forgotten man...Tevez...if City did go in for Villa they're even nuttier than i thought, or they'll definitely be offloading one of those mentioned (in addition to Tevez, who so obvioulsy wants out he's pretty much doomed himself from wearing their sky blue in a competitive match again)...So who would go...all three are firing when asked (makes you wonder about our strikers, doesn't it)?

      Ok, sits on hands...best beavious for the next half hour at least.

    • What about Barca swapping a want away Villa with Tevez? Makes sense to me anyway.

    • villa wants to stay in spain.

      i do think tevez would give something barca lack. a physical presence upfront would give them another option.

      bale will eventually leave & hopefully it will be abroad. he seems an open minded guy who would test himself abroad.
      more british players should try it.

      but hopefully we will have him for the next 3 or 4 yrs at least!

    • I still think the only way to stop this 'tapping' is to set up a central brokerage where a player's 'value' is registered. The value should echo what is in the players contract. The value in the contract should be agreed by both club and player as their 'sell' value.
      The buying or offering club then register their interest via the brokerage by making an offer of at least that 'sell' value.

      Any comment or approach by a club can then be viewed as tapping or not.

      As for whether Bale should go is one question at a personal level and whether the club should sell him is another. I've been encouraging my kids to experience all they can while they're young - go abroad, travel. BUT, if Bale's love is playing football, then in this case he's got to weigh up the chances of actually getting pitch time where ever he goes. It's ok getting medals - but look at Berbatov - what a waste of talent that was. Sits on the bench. So my advice here would be to stay at Spurs unless he's actually guaranteed playing time (which I doubt any club will do) - he's a big fish now for us.
      As for whether Spurs should/would sell him - that's just a financial question. I obviously don't know 'arry or Levy's minds, but I would guess that they both have a theoretical 'sell' value on him already (I would assume they have that for all the players in loose terms). It's whether they both agree and whether a club is willing to pay it.

    • I agree there should be a brokerage body for transfers, but at what stage do you set a value on a player?..If you set it at the beginning of the contract on a promising young player, say £15m, then he goes on to prove top class after 2-3 years into his contract, then what? ...As for Bale going to Barca, I cant see it happening....his strength is his pace and crossing ability, whereas Barca like to play through the middle as they have no target man up front for wingers to hit...I think RM are a more likely destination fore Bale in the summer if we dont qualify for the CL...

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