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  • Joe Joe Nov 16, 2011 18:17 Flag

    Blatter - No Confidence


    I couldn't believe what I read! check out the audio on you tube.

    This is the latest in a catalogue of comments made Blatter, which prove to me he is out of touch, ignorant and no fit for purpose.

    Surely a vote of 'No Confidence' will see this moron kicked out of our beloved game?


    COYS!! Come on FIFA sack that fool!

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    • despite all this justified criticism we all know he ain't going to go don't we.....he has surrounded himself with alliesw cand is impregnaqble.....everything hurled at him is true....corrupt .egotistical,meglomaniac,out of touch......but i bet they do not oust him...

    • John, your last paragraph says it all. They focused on JT because of who is. The third rate player in League One would go largely unnoticed for the same thing and so would the sunday morning park footballer.

      As you said, abuse is abuse, yet the media pick up on the so - called racist element, why, because it will get a reaction.

      Exchanges between the same race would be far less exciting.

      To even it up, perhaps they should now concentrate on catching out a black player abusing a white, because, in the heat of the moment, that goes on just as much.

      Just wouldn't be so outrageous to the PC brigade, I guess.

      I do not condone any abuse, but it will always happen and is part of the intensity of the game, and the media could leave it where it belongs....on the pitch.

      But they don't and I guess they never will, especially with the Murdoch influence.

    • You couldn't this up:


      The guy has three feet and one is in his mouth, how can be taken seriously?

      I don't know if I should laugh or cry!

      COYS- Get well soon Harry!

    • I agree with that targetting 'abuse' in all forms would benefit the game.

      Nobody I know enjoys seeing officials/players getting verbally assulted. These people are supposed to be professional, in most professions if you used the level of obsenity that is seen in most EPL games you'd be fired.

      I think MOTD/SKY are right to show this type of thing, it should embarass the guilty parties to the extent that they don't repeat it and if the evidence is there why aren't the FA using it? I think that by showing and highlighting these occurances and regularly reenforcing how unacceptable it is, it will become more controlled.

      Bad language directed at continuously poor challenges, doesn't constiute 'abuse', however it is an example of how difficult policing this issue is. Everyone has different standards of acceptability.

      Septic Latter's comments have barely made the press in the majority of Europe, so maybe its just us who have a problem with him? Interesting how Europe ignores these issues!

      £5000 fine for Serbian FA for racially abusing our players!

      £0 fine for Real Players abusing E'eto in his Barca days!

      R.Carlos having a banana thrown at him whilst playing in Russia/Ukraine (I can't remember which)

      Does Europe have different ideas of acceptability regarding racism or abuse, or do they just ignore it so they're league/game/country isn't brought into the spotlight for these undesireable reasons?

      - sorry bit of a rant


    • The man is beyond the pale. He clearly believes that having been recently re-elected ("unopposed" if not unanimously!) he can say what he likes and hang the consequences. FIFA as a whole should hang their heads in shame for allowing him to continue his posturing unchecked.

      Just a thought, but has he been taking lessons from (Teflon Tony) Blair in cloud-cuckoo-land?!!!

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      • Blatter's a 99% idiot 24-7, but to a point on this one for me he's saying what many people like myself who've played the game for years are thinking to a degree. You battle it out, call each other worse than shyte, and when the final whistle goes that's the end of it. Doesn't matter what colour you are or where you're from. And before I get back behind the piano, may I say, I've known and played alongside and against black guys for years.

    • Unbelievable. The man shouldn't be allowed a figurehead position, that kind of statement is unacceptable.