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  • Sfer Sfer Nov 29, 2011 12:55 Flag

    most under rated spurs players

    I agree that Hoddle was a great player with an ability to strike the ball better than just about anybody else which translated into superb passes and shots. That, alongside his quick thinking and ability to see the pass made him great.....BUT.....he had his weaknesses such as tackling, heading and tracking back to help out his defence.

    Put it all together and I am not sure why he is being mentioned in a thread about under rated players. He was rated very highly by most. This thread is about under rated players that didn't get the recognition that players like Hoddle did. Mentioning Hoddle in here is like saying "Blanchflower" or "McKay" and in this thread that would be silly.

    If the thread was about Spurs greats (and we have had those in the past) Hoddle would be in that as well along with Blanchflower and McKay and that is where he belongs - not on here IMHO obviously.