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  • Layla Layla Nov 20, 2011 19:29 Flag

    The Next 6 Games...

    i cant see us winning more than 4 out of the 6.

    all games are winnable but equally this loseable!
    for example i wouldnt be suprised if we didnt turn up for a couple of those games and got beat.
    lets be honest, we didnt turn up against fulham & should have got beat. if we play like that tommrow we will get beat.

    we are nicking games without playing really well at the moment.
    i do think our luck will run out unless we raise our game.

    id settle for winning 4 & losing 2.

    villa 2-1
    wba 1-1
    bolton 2-1
    stoke 1-2
    sunderland 1-0
    chelsea 2-2

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    • My idea on why we are getting lucky at the moment is simple.

      If you play with VDV, we won't score a lot of goals, but we'll most likely win by a 2-1 scoreline which sends all of our hearts racing as we scramble it away or craddle the ball as Walker did.

      If you play with Daffy + Ade, we score 2 or more, without unsettling Modric #getting the best out of the lad.

      So I really hope Defoe get's a start tomorrow, especially with VDV a doubt.


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      • Without a doubt we have a choice of which in form striker to pick, one of the best midfields in the premiership and with that the only worry we really have is keeping a regular CB partnership going. We have to hope Ledley stays fit.
        SB, i always thought the sign of a great team was to play badly and still win. That's what we're doing, look to the positives, we're fighting to win games that we would have lost even 2 years ago.
        I don't see any reason why we shouldn't win at least 5 of the next 6 games, with a draw away to Stoke. With all the other teams around us, except Man U, playing a selection of each other i'm looking forward to being third at the turn of the year.