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  • E-E-E E-E-E Nov 20, 2011 22:07 Flag

    The Next 6 Games...

    My idea on why we are getting lucky at the moment is simple.

    If you play with VDV, we won't score a lot of goals, but we'll most likely win by a 2-1 scoreline which sends all of our hearts racing as we scramble it away or craddle the ball as Walker did.

    If you play with Daffy + Ade, we score 2 or more, without unsettling Modric #getting the best out of the lad.

    So I really hope Defoe get's a start tomorrow, especially with VDV a doubt.


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    • Without a doubt we have a choice of which in form striker to pick, one of the best midfields in the premiership and with that the only worry we really have is keeping a regular CB partnership going. We have to hope Ledley stays fit.
      SB, i always thought the sign of a great team was to play badly and still win. That's what we're doing, look to the positives, we're fighting to win games that we would have lost even 2 years ago.
      I don't see any reason why we shouldn't win at least 5 of the next 6 games, with a draw away to Stoke. With all the other teams around us, except Man U, playing a selection of each other i'm looking forward to being third at the turn of the year.

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      • i partly agree with that trevor. there is a skill involved in scrapping out wins when playing badly.

        BUT u can't keep doing that or else u get punished.

        did u see our match against city? we played very badly & guess what we got smashed! that is the big flaw in the playing badly but winning theory!

        oh yeh & we played badly against utd too. oh & guessed what happened, we got beat 3-0!

        we win more games whilst playing badly than we use to, which is a good skill. but my point is if u carry on playing like that u will get beat.

        if our key players stay fit, then id be confident of top 4. but if 1 of the key players get injured in the areas we are short, then we are in trouble!

        same applies to all teams, if arsenal lose RVP, liverpool lose suarez etc.

      • I agree with SB that we are playing below par to often, especally away from home...We start strong, but come out 2nd half of games on the back foot and sooner or later we will get beat...The top teams generally play consistant throughout, and now and then have a stinker yet win, that is the mark of a good team, not one that continually plays poor and get results, thats luck and sooner or later luck runs out....Im hoping Ledley can stay fit like us all and hope Gallas will become his regular partner now he's fit, as that will give us a very experienced partnership at the back....However good Walker is going forward, he still has a lot to learn defencively, so Gallas along side him could help him