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  • john john Nov 21, 2011 11:49 Flag

    The Next 6 Games...

    I agree with SB that we are playing below par to often, especally away from home...We start strong, but come out 2nd half of games on the back foot and sooner or later we will get beat...The top teams generally play consistant throughout, and now and then have a stinker yet win, that is the mark of a good team, not one that continually plays poor and get results, thats luck and sooner or later luck runs out....Im hoping Ledley can stay fit like us all and hope Gallas will become his regular partner now he's fit, as that will give us a very experienced partnership at the back....However good Walker is going forward, he still has a lot to learn defencively, so Gallas along side him could help him

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    • gallas to partner king???? no way. kaboul has been amazing. i hate to say it but i prefer the king and kaboul pairing to king and daws.

      gallas is great back up at the mo but thats it. he can play europa league and come on as sub. maybe play against the lower teams in the league if ledders needs a break but thats it. kaboul and king have to be first choice for me. and when daws is fit hes ahead of gallas too.