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  • Jonny P Jonny P Nov 20, 2011 15:42 Flag

    The Next 6 Games...

    Just had a juke at our next 6 games...all winnable, however I always think this is when our keeping up with the pace setters is put most to the test...

    I tried to have a go at predicting what the next games will look like for us:

    Villa (H) - W
    WBrom (A) - W
    Bolton (H) - W
    Stoke (A) - D
    Sunderland (H) - W
    Chelsea (H) - W

    I know it looks rather optimistic - however, barring injuries and suspensions we are only going to get stronger...

    Any thoughts? Are these make or break for our season?

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    • On last nights performance I couldnt argue..I thought Kaboul was out standing...Im thinking ahead when we get to the last third of the season, when the pressure rises, the experience of a defensive partnership could be the difference to maintain consistancy..but if Kaboul can continue with that level of performance then Im more than happy to see him and Ledders as first choice..

    • Fair enough SB, maybe i give the opposing team too much credit. It's great to see Spurs dominate like they did last night but i'd be happy with just a continuation of the winning streak.
      I will change one opinion and that's that i'd like the strikers to improve. With last nights chances we could have finished the game 6-0 or more, and with a really on form striker we could score enough, in the 20-30 mins spells when we dominate the game, to put the score line beyond doubt.

    • yes true trev! when i say badly i probably mean more in large spells of games. im not saying we have played badly for the full 90mins(bar the city game).

      i think the villa win today explains more what i mean.
      we played well & were in full control. which has been quite rare because for many games we have let the other team back in to the game & then had a 20min wobble.

      apart from a couple of half chances, we never let villa get back in the game or put sustained pressure on us.

      this what id like to see more of.

    • I think the difference in opinion here is that i don't think we're playing that badly at the moment. Sure we're not playing at the top of our game every time the players take the field, but then again we're not losing.
      Maybe i'm being optomistic but i think we've played well enough in every game, for at least periods of 30 mins to have put the game beyond any teams reach, apart from the 2 Manchester games obviously. When this level can be achieved throughout 90 mins we'll get the 3-0 and 4-0 results, but i re-iterate, i don't think we're playing that badly.
      To be honest i think tonights game will be a good indicator to whether we can sustain an attempt to get in the top four again. Villa are a very good side , who i'd have compared us to about 4-5 years ago. If we can beat them a home and with a bit of flair we'll not be far off track and not playing badly.

    • no, i could easily have said the newcastle game too.

      i thought newcastle we're poor & there for the beating.
      but we played very poorly in periods & in the end they they nicked a draw when we should have easily of got all 3 if we played anywhere near are full potential.

      we played very well against liverpool, QPR & wolves.
      but i thought we we're discussing playing badly & still winning?

      theres nothing run with riding your luck but u cant rely on it because it does eventually run out like in the newcastle game.

      just like u can't rely on playing badly & winning.

      hey, its a good skill to have & a bit of luck along the way is very welcome. but im just saying that u can't keep winning playing badly & relying on luck.

    • i cant see us winning more than 4 out of the 6.

      all games are winnable but equally this loseable!
      for example i wouldnt be suprised if we didnt turn up for a couple of those games and got beat.
      lets be honest, we didnt turn up against fulham & should have got beat. if we play like that tommrow we will get beat.

      we are nicking games without playing really well at the moment.
      i do think our luck will run out unless we raise our game.

      id settle for winning 4 & losing 2.

      villa 2-1
      wba 1-1
      bolton 2-1
      stoke 1-2
      sunderland 1-0
      chelsea 2-2

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      • My idea on why we are getting lucky at the moment is simple.

        If you play with VDV, we won't score a lot of goals, but we'll most likely win by a 2-1 scoreline which sends all of our hearts racing as we scramble it away or craddle the ball as Walker did.

        If you play with Daffy + Ade, we score 2 or more, without unsettling Modric #getting the best out of the lad.

        So I really hope Defoe get's a start tomorrow, especially with VDV a doubt.