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  • Joe Joe Nov 21, 2011 19:23 Flag

    The Villa Game

    Predictions and reviews please:

    2-1 to the Mighty Tottenham,

    I understand VDV might not be fit? I really hope Defoe gets a start.


    Oh When The Spurs......................

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    • Very close there Joe - 2-0 to the Tottenham!! and Ade brace to welcome the guv'nor back!

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      • Bloody Ade, he should of had at least 4 ( only joking ) a good all round performance..Villa's negativity suprised me, but I hope all teams come with the fear to WHL,,,

      • Nice to see Ade bag a couple...and he could have had a few more tonight! Nice show from the Whites tonight, and the best thing is that they looked like they were having fun out there. Villa hardly put in a challenge and gave us plenty of space to put on an exhibition. I haven't seen a team stand off us like that in a long while and we made the most of it - just disappointing that we couldn't turn our dominance into goals! Scott and Luka ran the show, while Bale and Lennon scared the life out of them, and BA-E and Ade just looked like they were enjoying themselves! Our back four at the moment are so settled and look so comfortable at times with Scotty shielding them so well...all in all, great to watch and no real dramas for us to go through for a change! COYS!!!

    • Above the Arse,above the Scousers, above the Chelski's, and above the Geordie's life can't get any better. :)

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      • great display by the lads, parker is bloody amazing. why oh why did we not sign him 3 years ago. great team performance tonnes of the ball and loads of positive football. great to see a clean sheet at last and not being under the cosh for the second half. so pleased with the team. the should all hold their heads very high.

        2 things i would of liked to have seen.
        1- ade score more of the chances , glad villa didnt score and we regreted those misses. still he had a good game.
        2- sandro coming on earlier and maybe giving pienarr or gio 5 mins too. the game was sown up so would of been nice.

        thats me being picky, absolutly on cloud nine tonight. 8 wins in 9 games with a draw the other. top notch , well done arry and the boys.

      • We dominated!

        Now was that because Villa got it wrong, very very wrong?

        Or was it because we were superb? even the first 15mins of the second half, which we have been poor in recently, we dominated!

        I agree with all the comments so far, Parker/ Luka are just such a great combination! long may it last!

        Did anyone else hear the stat, that since we signed Parker, King Ledley has covered 1/4 of the yardage, that he did in the same number of games last year! Parker's impact cannot be underestimated IMO! The guy is a revelation.

        Defoe deserved more time than he got, VDV should be off at 60mins or should come on at 60mins! Defoe is too good IMO to only get such limited chances.

        A very encouraging performance and a sign that we can really push on this season!